I’ll Never Forgive Myself If I Let Cyber Monday Pass Without Buying These Items

It’s officially every fashion person’s favorite Monday of the year, and I’m participating in all of the festivities. And by festivities, I mean opening and closing countless tabs, clicking on promotional emails, swiping up on Instagram ads, and swapping links in my group chat. Of all the deals popping up on my screens this year, I found 30 items that gave me that giddy “I have to have it” feeling. I’ve had the whole weekend to process these pieces, and as soon as the clock strikes 12 AM on Monday morning, my opinion will remain the same: I’ll never forgive myself if I let this day pass without buying these pieces. From candles to hair kits to jewelry and purses, I’ve compiled a list of incredible pieces that you’ll want to buy for your friends and family, and for yourself today. If you’re ready to enter your card details and receive a pretty package within a week’s time, let the games begin. 

Diamond-encrusted huggie hoops? I’m all in.

Despite elevating every look, bracelets are the most underrated jewelry pieces. This one is worth the investment.

If you like it, then you should put a ring on it. 

I’ve wanted this coat for the past two winters, but with a markdown like this, I think it’s finally time I add it to my collection.

This scarf instantly captured my heart. No pun intended.

An elevated twist on your typical leather jacket.

My dark spots are fading at an insane rate. Now is the perfect time for a restock.

Every fashion girl’s favorite pair of sunglasses are officially on sale.

I’m taking our relationship to the next level and moving the swipe bag from wishlist status to checkout status. 

Prediction: This will be the next viral Skims dress. I’m getting ahead of the curve.

My winter wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of lug sole boots.

I have too many lip glosses to count, but I never leave the house without this one. 

As a retired mini bag enthusiast, I’m living for the rise of the oversize bag. This one went viral on TikTok for a reason. 

You can’t scroll on Instagram without seeing someone in this bra. It’s designed to be seen, and up to 60% off right now.

Going to bed never looked so chic.

Daydreaming of a tropical vacation with this bag in tow.  P.S. Get $50 off any 2 suitcases, $100 off any 3.

14 carats of pure elegance.

Does it get more elegant than this? 

Cozy vibes are at an all time high.

Olaplex’s top three best sellers in one kit? I only have two words: absolute must-have.

I wouldn’t be able to contain my excitement if I unwrapped this beauty. 

The internet has spoken: Boston clogs are the shoe of the season. Grab these before they sell out (again). 

I live in a flare legging around this time of year. Dress these up with a longline coat and an oversize scarf.

If only you could smell this through the screen. For now, just trust me and head to checkout

I just found your holiday party earrings. Thank me later.

Not to be dramatic, but I’m under the impression that this two-piece set will change my life.

I came for the high rating (4.4 stars and 486 reviews), and stayed for the before and after photos.

I refuse to go another day without this bag.

Relationship status aside, I think we all need something blue. 

Made for stacking.

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