If You’re Having “The Bachelor” Withdrawals, You Need To Watch This New Facebook Dating Show

Looking for love in all the right places.

So, full disclosure, I don’t really watch reality TV. I mean, I’ll binge GBBO, but when it comes to dating shows like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, I bow out; It’s just not my jam…or, so I thought. There’s a new show called RelationShipped — that just so happens to be a BuzzFeed original — that I’m now OBSESSED with, and you should be too.

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The audience gets a vote.

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You know how in horror movies the dumb cheerleader goes to check out the sound she hears in the dark basement, and you scream at her to stop, but she can’t hear you because it’s a movie? Yea, well that doesn’t happen here because you get a vote!

RelationShipped is unique in that it’s interactive. Not only did viewers vote on which guy they wanted to see “get RelationShipped,” but they also have the opportunity to vote on dates the couples should go on, which girls get put in the house, and more!

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There aren’t a ton of girls.

There aren't a ton of girls.

Instead of having 20+ girls from the very beginning, each episode of RelationShipped (for the first week) introduces two new girls two the house, and eliminates one. This way, the audience (and, the guy!) aren’t too overwhelmed.

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But, just because there are fewer girls doesn’t mean that there’s less drama…

But, just because there are fewer girls doesn't mean that there's less drama...

Here’s how it works:

The Guy you vote for moves to an LA mansion, where he he takes a new woman on a date each day. After a few round of eliminations, five women are left in the house. Then, there are group dates, one-on-ones, surprise guests, and a trip to his hometown. And after all of that, hopefully two people find love!

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It’s not a time suck.

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The show airs new episodes on Facebook every Monday and Thursday — for a total of 18 — and they’re always 25-30 minutes! You can watch two people fall in love without it taking up 90 minutes of your evening.

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And, I’m not going to say that this is the most important part (It’s the most important part), The Guy that gets voted in is a SNACK 👏 AND 👏 A 👏 HALF!

And, I'm not going to say that this is the most important part (It's the most important part), The Guy that gets voted in is a SNACK 👏 AND 👏 A 👏 HALF!

*fans self* Learn all about him here!


You can watch the first episode below, but follow RelationShipped on Facebook to check out the rest!

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