If You’re a French Girl Shopping at Nordstrom, You Already Know These 7 Brands

You already know how much Who What Wear editors love the effortlessly chic aesthetic that makes French people so renowned for their personal style, so it should come as no surprise that I’m also obsessed. If there’s one group of people that I’d trust with my closet, it’s French women.

I recently went on a Nordstrom deep dive and realized that I have been shopping for the same brands as of late. In my efforts to search for a new source of inspiration, I started wondering which brands French girls would shop at on the brand’s website. After a few moments of that thought pattern, I decided to just ask someone who lives among them myself.

I hit up a Parisian friend, Franziska Nazarenus, in the DMs to get the scoop, and my first question was, Do French women love Nordstrom as much as we do? Her answer was a big yes, and she let me know a few of their favorite brands on the site—seven to be exact.

“Maje is the epitome of a real French-girl brand. I love the feminine, playful, and simple and timeless fashion.”

You have no idea how often I wear this coat.

Tweed and buttons? Yes, please.

This oversize blazer has won me over.

The perfect addition to my collection of fall and winter dresses.

“Their (fashion) motto—a brand truly made by women for women—says it all. I own several Ba&Sh pieces that I could wear every day.” 

Bring on the cardigans galore.

An instant classic.

Everyone knows how much I love a matching skirt.


“I can definitely recommend & Other Stories for the typical French-girl look.” 

If you’re looking for a dress to wear to a holiday party, I insist you consider this option.

Sweater season is in full force.

You might be afraid of wearing color, but no one can be afraid of wearing a shirt like this.

Officewear chic.

“Basics are the basis of your wardrobe, and COS is known for timeless, high-quality, and affordable pieces.”

If you don’t have a pair of knee-high black boots yet, now is your time.

These are incredible.

I adore chunky sweaters.

No matter how cold it gets, I’ll always be wearing a skirt like this.

“Isabel Marant is a luminary in France. Her designs are unique and at the same time wearable in everyday life. I especially love the brand’s cool, chic vibe.”

Fashion people will know who you’re wearing when they see you in this print.

I’m in love.

Leather weather.

Layer away.

“Courrèges is now an absolute cult brand in Paris for its iconic jackets and dresses—pieces I (and thousands of Parisians) swear by.”

We love her.

This top will live in my mind rent-free until it’s in my closet.

A good jacket goes a long way.

Pink, please.

“[This is] one of my favorite streetwear brands when it comes to sneakers. Their Converse collab with the bright-red heart on the side of the shoe is iconic.”

A Comme des Garçons piece many people already own.

You can never go wrong with these.

Because stripes are so French girl.

A classic.

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