If You Want to Fake a Brow Lamination for $24, Reach for This Makeup Brand

Ever since eyebrow laminations hit the scene, I’ve been coveting one. I love the fluffy, sculpted look that laminations give your brows. The only problem is that brow laminations are expensive, and you have to make regular appointments to keep up with them. Even so, I was ready to go for it and laminate my brows, but then I reached for one of my favorite makeup brands.

Benefit Cosmetics is known for its brow products, and it’s no surprise why—these products amp up your brows so much it will look like you just got them professionally done. My personal hero product is the 24-HR Brow Setter, which smooths my brows into place and makes it look like I just got an eyebrow lamination for about a quarter of the price. All of its brow products help me whip my arches into shape. Keep reading to learn about the best Benefit brow products—and what other makeup staples the brand does really well (hint: lots of mascara).

This is it—the product that replaces a brow lamination. This gel can be used on its own or on top of a pencil for added definition and hold. It stays on for 24 hours and locks any makeup underneath in place. It coats individual hairs so your brows look defined, and it can help control even the most unruly eyebrows. 

The tip of this brow pencil is incredibly fine, so you’re able to draw natural-looking hair to fill in any sparse areas and define brows. Not only will your brows look natural, but it’s also waterproof and smudge-proof, so they’ll stay in place all day. 

If you prefer a tinted, one-stop-shop kind of eyebrow gel, Gimme Brow is one of Benefit’s most well-known products for a reason. The tinted gel defines and volumizes brows thanks to tiny microfibers that help make brows appear fuller. 

If you love the control and sculpting that you can achieve with pomade, Benefit’s brow pomade is as good as it gets. The side of the container has innovative ridges that allow you to wipe off excess product so you get the perfect amount of product every time. 

It’s called Goof Proof for a reason—this pencil is nearly impossible to mess up. The tip has a wide part to shape and fill, while you can use the pointed edge for more precision on the outer corners. 

If you want a multipurpose brow product, this pencil-and-powder duo fits the bill. The pencil sculpts and shapes while the powder fills in. The best part is you can use them both or just use one side depending on the look you’re going for. 

Consider this primer your secret weapon for thick, healthy-looking brows. Not only does it create the perfect canvas for brow makeup, but keratin and soy proteins help condition your eyebrows. 

For perfectly carved-out brows, reach for this highlighting pencil. There’s a matte side and a shimmery side to highlight your brow bone. Apply right underneath your eyebrows following the arch. 

Once I saw these tweezers, I had to wonder why every pair of tweezers isn’t designed like this. These innovative dual-ended tweezers make it nearly impossible to over-tweeze. The brush at the end lets you brush up brows while you tweeze them, so you know exactly where you need to tweeze.

If you wish you had microbladed brows, this is the product to start using. The three-pronged tip creates superfine hairlike strokes, mimicking a microbladed effect. 

Calling all brow aficionados: This palette was made for you. It has four powders to fill in sparse areas and three waxes to sculpt.

A pencil and a brow highlighter in one means that you’re about to have really good brows. Use the pencil to fill and sculpt, and trace around the arch with the brow highlighter afterward. 

If there’s one thing Benefit does as well as brow products, it’s mascara. The iconic They’re Real formula lengthens, volumizes, and lifts lashes. 

If volume is what you’re after, this formula will give your lashes a crazy amount of volume. 

I find that many liquid liners that claim to be matte end up having a bit of a sheen to them, but this one is the real deal—it’s truly a matte liner. 

Inspired by hair rollers, this mascara is all about the curl factor. 

This powder bronzer looks natural and is easy to blend. 

For extreme length, try this mascara out for size, which makes lashes appear 40% longer.

Not only does this concealer flawlessly cover blemishes and dark circles, but the packaging is also extremely cute.  Next, Dior Has the Best Makeup Staples—Take It From Me, a Major Makeup Lover