If You Try This “Dated” Nail Trend Now, You’ll Be Way Ahead of Everyone Else

My best friend consistently has the coolest nails. Every time she goes home to Toronto, she has a new set put on, and when she returns to New York, I spend 10 minutes ogling at her nails. When she came back from her most recent trip, she was sporting a set of long, translucent tips that were see-through in the light and made her fingers look a mile long. 

I’ve always been a bit of a manicure traditionalist (I stick to classic red nearly every time I do my nails), but once I saw my friend’s jelly manicure, I became obsessed. I had to try this nail trend for myself. I had a bottle of Butter London’s Jelly Preserve Strengthening Treatment on hand, so I painted on a few coats. After I saw the results, I immediately beelined to Amazon to buy every single shade because this trend is going to be on heavy rotation for me all winter long.

Jelly nails aren’t a new idea—they’ve been popping up for years. Jelly polish looks like stained glass on your fingertips. They’re slightly see-through and can come in any color. Since they’re glass-like, they make a great base for any and all nail designs, including jewels. You can have a set put on at the salon like my friend did, but they’re also incredibly easy to achieve at home. Below, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite jelly looks that I will be re-creating myself this winter and the polishes to match—happy glazing!

I set out to re-create this photo, and this is the polish I reached for. This jelly polish is bright and buildable and doubles as a strengthening treatment for your nails. 

This is the exact shade used in the picture. 

For a subtler take on pink jellies that you can build up. 

This olive jelly will do the trick for the translucent green of your dreams.

Butter London’s Jelly Preserve also comes in a delectable shade of green.

Not your typical red, this jelly has flecks of iridescent glitter for nails that stand out. 

Lavender jelly nails are subtle while still being unique.

I’ll say it one more time: Butter London’s Jelly Preserve shades are it. This marmalade-inspired shade will leave you with translucent orange tips. 

For a more reserved take on jellied orange. 

We think Harry Styles would approve of this sweet jelly shade. 

True-red jelly polishes are few and far between. (Trust me—I just spent two hours scouring the internet to find one for you.) Hear me out—I found a hack to create the dreamiest crystalline cherry red. Mix together two parts clear with one part red (see the mixing bowl below) and use a nail brush to paint it onto nails. It’s best to choose nail polishes from the same brand here since their formulas will be more compatible by design.

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