If You Have Sensitive Skin But Still Love Perfume, Read This

Your skin deserves the VIP treatment. When deciding which beauty products to invest in, pausing to consider how your skin may respond to a fragrance may not always be a top priority for all perfume wearers. But for people who have sensitive skin, knowing which fragrances won’t irritate your skin is a game-changer.

While the word “hypoallergenic” is tricky when it comes to perfume (fragrances are known allergens, after all!), there are some perfumes that are better for sensitive, allergy-prone skin than others. 

When shopping for perfume, be sure to read the label if you fall on the sensitive side. Try to avoid perfumes that have ingredients such as acetone, linalool, phthalates, and parabens. These ingredients can irritate allergy-prone skin. Take the time to discover perfumes that are safe to use. Believe me—your skin will thank you in the long run! Read on to see the perfumes and brands that are best for allergy-prone, sensitive skin.

Key notes: cappuccino, pure vanilla, caramelized cedar. Skylar was founded by Cat Chen after her daughter had an allergic reaction to her perfume. All Skylar fragrances are hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, vegan, and safe to use on sensitive skin. One of its best sellers, Vanilla Sky, is what I like to call the perfect vanilla cappuccino as a perfume—but better. 

Key notes: bergamot, coconut, ambrox. Now that you’re familiar with Skylar, here’s another one of its fragrances you should have on your radar. Coconut Cove is crafted from a delicious blend of creamy coconut, jasmine, and gardenia.

Key notes: pink peppercorn, Turkish rose, amber woods. Famously founded by Michelle Pfeiffer in 2019, Henry Rose creates fine fragrances that are hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and free of parabens and phthalates. One of Henry Rose’s best-selling fragrances, Sheep’s Clothing, boasts a fresh approach to classic rose fragrances by juxtaposing its soft, powdery note of Turkish rose with amber woods and vibrant pink peppercorn.

Key notes: vanilla bean, rose, freesia, musk. This is another Henry Rose fragrance that has received high reviews and high exposure since its release. Rich and earthy, this one is the complete opposite of the aforementioned perfume, yet it stands on its own as a leader for floral and earthy fragrances.

Key notes: Italian lemon, bergamot, wild figs, Moroccan tea. Add Nest New York to your list of high-performing and long-lasting perfumes that are cruelty-free and great for sensitive skin. Moroccan tea is at the core of this warm, spicy, and exotic Nest New York eau de parfum. An exploration of the Mediterranean, this fragrance offers cool spices combined with bright fruits and warm woods.

Key notes: golden orchid, amber, musk. Check out another one of Nest New York’s fragrances: Golden Nectar. It features a lovely mix of the nectar of golden orchids, vanilla, and musk for an altogether sensual and romantic finish.

Key notes: bluebell, persimmon, white musk. Jo Malone London is a household brand known for its timeless fragrances. They’re as soft on the nose as they are on the skin. The Wild Bluebell Cologne continues the tradition with a fresh, floral fragrance crafted from the perfect mixture of sweet florals, earthy greens, and cozy white musk.

Key notes: cassis, acacia honey, peach. Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom & Honey is another one worth noting, especially for fans of fruity fragrances. It has bold, juicy notes of nectarine, peach, cassis, and white flowers balanced by a dash of acacia honey and peach.

Key notes: myrrh, vanilla, sandalwood. All 7 Virtues fragrances are hypoallergenic and crafted without phthalates, parabens, or sulfates. They’re also fully vegan and cruelty-free. Santal Vanille is a long-lasting eau de parfum that balances coconut and cashmere with rich sandalwood and warm myrrh. For anyone looking for a perfume that’s warm, spicy, and sweet, this one deserves all the hype it gets. 

Key notes: mandarin, orange blossom, labdanum. Looking for another inspired fragrance to tickle your nose? The 7 Virtues’ Orange Blossom blends tangerine, mandarin, and bergamot with light and sweet notes of jasmine, amber, and ethically sourced orange blossom essential oil from Afghanistan.

Key notes: amber, bergamot, white musk. Have you spotted this It-girl brand on social media? DedCool was founded and created in 2016 by Carina Chaz at only 21. Each fragrance is crafted using sustainable ingredients. This soft, cozy, and milky scent blends seamlessly with your chemistry for a unique eau de parfum that’s quite literally all you.

Key notes: bergamot, vanilla, amber. Belonging to the warm and sheer fragrance families, DedCool’s Taunt Eau de Parfum does just what you’d think: use a sensual blend of bergamot, vanilla, and amber that’s as sexy and fabulous as you are.

Key notes: grapefruit, cedarwood, patchouli. If you’re in need of a fragrance with a French touch, try Maison Louis Marie. The company is dedicated to using formulas that are vegan, cruelty-free, and free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.  This eau de parfum is earthy and woodsy with delightful notes of citrus, cedarwood, and patchouli. It makes me imagine a summer’s day spent tucked away in a cozy cabin in the woods.

Key notes: sandalwood, vetiver, amber wood. A little less cabin-like is Maison Louis Marie’s No. 04 Bois de Balincourt Perfume Oil. It’s simple and light, with a warm and woody fragrance supplemented by spicy cinnamon and nutmeg.

Key Notes: Italian bergamot, grapefruit peel, Haitian vetiver. Malin+Goetz is a family-owned and operated brand founded in 2004 with the goal of catering to the needs of people with sensitive skin. Inspired by the dual nature of the grassy vetiver, this Malin+Goetz perfume combines bright citrus, fresh cardamom, and cozy notes of warm amber for a fragrance that’s clean and smoky. 

Key notes: fig, amber, gardenia. Meet By Rosie Jane. It’s a fine fragrance brand dedicated to clean and vegan fragrances that is great for anyone looking to upgrade their collection. If you aren’t sure if you prefer, earthy, floral, or light fragrances, By Rosie Jane’s James Eau de Parfum won’t make you choose. It’s all three, creating a scent that’s as airy as it is earthy with a whisper of powdery, fresh florals.

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