If You Got a Quarantine Bob, It’ll Be a Lob Soon—Here’s How to Style It

If, like me, you took the plunge and got a dramatic haircut, you’re probably in a bit of a bind right now. As fun as it is to change up your look, the grow-out process can be a bit challenging. It’s going to be a minute before you’ll be able to get back into the salon to maintain those shorter lengths, so if you were inspired to really go for gold with a short haircut (get it!), chances are your hair is going to reach shoulder length before you’re able to pay a visit to your favorite stylist again. Gulp.

Medium-length hair has gotten some bad PR over the years as an awkward, cumbersome length. For some reason, long hair and short hair are deemed acceptable, while mid-length hair is written off as unwieldy when it’s actually so versatile and endlessly cool. My theory is that this narrative took hold pre-internet, when finding hair inspiration was a lot harder than surfing Instagram to find mood board inspiration.  

Sourcing hair inspo these days is as easy as going down an internet k-hole (or two or three), and lucky for you, that’s one of my favorite pastimes! Whether your hair is thick, thin, coily, or straight, I’ve gathered the perfect collection of styles to get you excited about your mid-length tresses. Ahead, check out 35 shoulder-length hairstyles to inspire you to experiment with your length.

This deep side part is so easy, but smoothing the other side down behind your ear is a simple way to add a bit of polish.

Curly girls know that shrinkage can make your locks appear a lot shorter than they actually are. This voluminous blowout is the perfect style to put your length on display.

We stan an asymmetrical cut. It’s a bob on one side and a lob on the other.

Air-dried waves are always a winning look.

Hair clips are both stylish and functional for shoulder-grazing lengths.

These dreamy hair clips are a must-have.

This minimalist look is to die for.

These old-school waves bring the drama in the best way. 

Coily textures can get in on the shoulder-length fun, too. This twist-out is so cute.

Polished, curled tendrils are an easy way to amp up a low ponytail.

A sleek middle part is always a good idea. 

Get your strands bone-straight without the damage with this hairstylist-approved ceramic straightener.

There’s honestly nothing more satisfying than a precise part.

This easy style shows just how effortless medium-length hair can be.

If you’re toying with the idea of cutting your hair down to shoulder-length, a wig is a fun option to test the look without committing to a haircut. Plus, you can try out other elements, like bangs, at the same time.

You don’t have to have straight hair to rock bangs, though. Selena Gomez and her loose ringlets are proof.

These voluminous, retro curls are making a case for purchasing a set of hot rollers.

These hot rollers will help you pump up the volume.

Long layers are another medium-length hair hack to add some dimension.

This bob is right on the cusp of a lob, and the slight bend throughout the hair makes it look lived-in and effortless.

When in doubt, embrace volume and buxom curls.

These shiny, beach waves are perfect at this length.

Add a headband to bring an extra element to laid-back styles.

This headband is the perfect finishing touch to any style.

This snatched half-up, half-down style looks so chic on medium hair length.

Here’s another spin, with solid curtain bangs and flipped ends. In all honesty, we’re trying this.

Natural girls, the half-up, half-down look is right for you, too. Just look at how Lizzo styles her glorious mane.

If your hair is on the thinner side and you’d like to infuse a bit of body, adding some texture, like these vintage waves, will make it look like you have twice as much hair.

Mrs. Bieber and her Baby Spice micro-ponytails are a vibe.

These tiny elastics are perfect for securing smaller amounts of hair without creating a tangled mess.

The soft bend in these middle-parted tresses is so pretty.

These barrel-curled bangs are giving us French-girl vibes.

Selena Gomez just might be the queen of shoulder-length hairstyles. This sleek lob is perfectly bumped under for that elevated Lord Farquaad hair look that’s been bubbling up among the fashion set.

This Marilyn Monroe–inspired style might be a bit much for everyday wear, but it’s so much fun.

Dua Lipa is serving designer bandana realness, and we are feeling it.

Scoop your curled hair into a high ponytail to get an extra day out of your style.

Leave it to Dua Lipa to make styling clips look cool. The resulting sleek, Old Hollywood waves are equally amazing.

These soft waves are classic and chic.

Give us a deep side part any day.

If your natural mane is now grazing your shoulders, you’re working with a whole lot of hair. This defined, curly afro is just dreamy.

Get the best curl definition by bringing in the very best curl maintenance products, starting with super-gentle and ultra-hydrating shampoos. Up next, see what happened when one editor tried the TikTok-famous, no-heat curls that only require a pair of tights. This post was previously published and has since been updated.