If a French Woman Walks Into J.Crew, She’s Leaving With These 5 Simple Items

French style is often associated with words like effortless, chic, and no fail. You know, very je ne sais quoi, if you will. As a result, we often turn to Parisian women for simple yet elegant outfit inspiration. On that note, it’s elevated basics that often make up many of the A+ looks in question. And while French women wear a variety of brands, one label that stocks a range of items this set tends to wear is J.Crew.

Influencers like Sylvie Mus have recently posted stylish looks featuring the brand (pictured above), and we bet that if other Parisians entered the store, they’d leave with similar staples that are simple and forward. 

Below you’ll uncover five categories that are well-stocked at J.Crew that would certainly appeal to many French women. You’ll also notice visual inspiration from some of our favorite French follows, and shopping recommendations for each.

A jacket—whether it’s a tailored silhouette like this or a slouchy blazer—brings instant polish to any look. Luckily, J.Crew has an abundance of gorgeous styles.

This look is actually from J.Crew. The slightly oversize shirt is so effortless and elegant. A true staple.

It seems like Parisians practically live in relaxed knits during the colder months—especially tied over their shoulders.

The fashion editors on the WWW team adore the J.Crew skirt selection (especially the slip skirts). French women like this style setter would probably be all about them too.

A wool coat is a no-fail winter staple to complete a chic and easy ensemble.

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