I'm Very Worried About Arya And Jon's Relationship On “Game Of Thrones”

And if so – what would they do about it?! He’s still the Jon they’ve always known and loved. But the Stark sisters are much more ruthless than they were in the past.

It’s all very worrying. I honestly won’t cope with a massive divide amongst the Starks. The PACK survives, after all. But when you think about it, the way Jon found Ghost all the way back in Season 1, Episode 1 – separate and isolated from the pack – could be more symbolic than him simply being a Targaryen. It could be foreshadowing a true divide amongst him and his adopted siblings.

At the very least, it seems likely there will be a lot of tension between Jon and his sisters this season. Hopefully it will be resolved, as the fight between Sansa and Arya was, by them recognising their mutual respect and love.