I Went to NYC and Miami This Summer (Finally!)—Here’s Everything I Packed

The next time I complain about packing for a trip, I hope that someone reminds me of the year and a half starting in March 2020 that I didn’t step foot on a plane. But in early June, I returned to the airport to take a quick trip up to NYC, followed by a quick trip to Miami later in the month. My first realization when I opened my suitcase was that I’d forgotten how to pack for a trip that involves taking an airplane.

After more hours than I care to admit, I was finally able to zip up my suitcases for both trips. New York was amid a heat wave the weekend that I was there, so my wardrobe was closer to that of Miami than I would’ve predicted (minus the beachwear). I’m a person who purchases much of their wardrobe ahead of trips (or some other specific occasion), so many of these items are pretty new and still available to shop. In case you’re seeking some packing inspiration or just some shopping inspiration, scroll on to see what I packed for NYC and Miami this summer. 

As much as I tried to wear color in Miami, I still wore a lot of black (as you can see). I try to stick to just a couple of neutrals for my basics when I travel (e.g., black and cream) and throw in a few colorful pieces to coordinate with benches in the Miami Design District and such. (That was a joke.)

This shirt is perfect for throwing on over a crop top.

My Hunza G top is sold out, but this swimsuit could be worn as a top or a swimsuit—even better!

I’ve been wearing these at least once a week since I got them.

I have trouble resisting a subtle logo item.

See caption above.

Pro tip: One of my favorite places to shop for designer pieces is Italist, which is where I got this Sporty & Rich T-shirt, among a few other items. The under-the-radar company (that’s actually based in L.A., despite the name) is a great place to snag hard-to-find designer pieces, often at magically cheaper prices than they go for elsewhere. On a separate but related note, I loved this outfit.

This hat has a sheen that makes it look fancy, which I enjoyed.

My Sporty & Rich T-shirt is sold out, but this one is one of my favorites.

Another excellent T-shirt option.

Beats me why this skirt still isn’t sold out.

Another Italist find, these shoes are so gorgeous IRL. I’m tempted to get them in cream too.

They’re perfect.

Also perfect (and on sale).

I wore this pretty blue Ciao Lucia dress with my Neous shoes. I’m currently looking for another place to wear it; it’s such a showstopper. Alongside is my favorite gold Paco Rabanne bag. (PSA: If you even bring a chain-mail bag in your carry-on, you should expect TSA to have to go through your bag and make some jokes when they see that it’s a very shiny metal handbag.)

How dramatic and gorgeous is this?

Airport security, here I come.

This was my favorite swimsuit that I packed, although it was raining the day I wore it, so I didn’t get to fully experience it. Even so, it looks cute with shorts and a bucket hat.

My Patagonia bucket hat is sold out, but this one is equally cute.

I’m obsessed with this version of my bikini with the little rings.

These are the best denim shorts you can buy, in my opinion.

Another dramatic dress moment for you, this one by way of Zara. The front is pretty too! (Tip: If you ever want some great photos, go to Wynwood. The graffitied walls are really top-notch.)

I don’t understand why this isn’t sold out yet.

I’ve been packing these shoes on every summer trip.

This is so delicate and pretty.

It was very, very hot this day in NYC, so crisp cotton was a wise decision. This Ganni shirt is so cool with its big gold buttons and shoulder pads. Sadly, it’s sold out now, but a camp shirt will give a similar effect. 

Madewell makes some of my favorite button-downs.

So good for a hot day, and a nice change if you’re tired of denim shorts.

I share a name with these shades, so I had to have them.

Full disclosure: I took this photo when I got back to North Carolina because I was having too much fun to take one when I wore it in NYC. I think it might be my favorite dress. And if you want very comfortable sandals that work for day or night, this Staud pair is it.

And it’s on sale!

Trust me—they’re wildly comfortable.

I got so many compliments on this guy.

Next up, all the pieces your 2021 travel wardrobe should contain.