I Wear This Shirt Style Every Season of Every Year, and Now It’s Super Trendy

If you see me soon, I’ll probably be wearing a button-down shirt. But this is hardly a groundbreaking statement because so will everyone else. Oversize button-downs are a classic but in the past, they’ve seen more in line with a “preppy” aesthetic. Now people are incorporating them into outfits no matter what their aesthetic is. I, for one, am here for it and have been steadily adding to my button-down collection recently. 

Practically every clothing brand that exists makes some version of a button-down shirt, and fashion people have taken to wearing them untucked, and oftentimes unbuttoned over a tank top or T-shirt. It’s an effortless look that you can wear over and over again, whether it’s with jeans, shorts, or over a dress or skirt. Scroll on to see exactly how fashion girls are wearing them, and shop 20 of my favorite button-down shirts you can buy at the moment.

Love a contrasting seam moment.

This color!

I already own this one and it’s perfect.

Madewell is a great brand to shop for oversized button-downs.

Good luck resisting this marble print option.

The tabbed sleeves make it feel special.

You need this for summer (which isn’t over yet).

Gotta love Reformation.

I’m obsessed with this simple option.

A bold green stripe is where it’s at.

I’d spring for a short-sleeve option (or two) as well.

This looks so cool with sweatpants.

As you can see, this makes a great swimsuit cover-up.

So classic, in the best way possible.

H&M knows what’s up.

A fashion girl favorite.

Reformation gets it, per usual.

Because summer.

Thank you for this $31 treasure, Amazon.

A wardrobe basic if I ever saw one.

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