I Wear Streetwear Every Dang Day—I’m All About These 6 Trends Right Now

The streets have always been my fashion magazines, aka where I look for style inspiration and hints on what trends are about to blow up. Pre-2020 me was very much inspired by what I saw strangers wearing on the subway, to the farmers market, or even to the bodega. I recall doing double takes often to mentally process the new trends or outfit ideas I’d seen so I could later take a crack at them myself. Who knows—I may have even gone on to influence someone else when I put some of those streetwear trends to the test.

I usually look to fashion on the streets in big cities like New York and Paris, but since the streets have been closed for the past year, I’ve now turned to Instagram to fill the void Union Square once filled. Turns out Instagram ‘fits are big predictors of the cool trends to come. Below are the streetwear trends I can’t wait to try once the world opens up again and my favorite picks to shop for each one.

I recently read that the ’70s were as far away in the mid-’90s as the ’90s are now. After taking a moment to digest what that means for me, I was able to understand why Gen Z is having a heyday with everything ’90s. Baby Phat and Juicy Couture had a hold on us back then, and cool girls continue to wear velour tracksuits today.

See the trend:

Jaded London has been coming out with heaters recently.

The cozy factor is on 10.

Shop the trend:

Bubblegum pink me, please. Shop the matching Cropped Hoodie ($59).


This high-waisted fit will be so flattering. Shop the matching Cropped Hoodie ($29).

This is straight from a retro fantasy.

This set is so cute for both errands and drinks.

Like freshly cut grass.

Sometimes the baggier the better. Shop the matching Track Pants ($305).

Crochet is making a huge comeback this spring, appearing everywhere from pants and tops to swimwear and bags. I’ve got my eyes on the granny square crochet pants. The color schemes always go crazy and will be so fun to pair with other pops of color. 

See the trend:

Don’t these granny squares almost look like flowers? I’d wear them with a baggy crop top or a bralette.

Shop the trend:

Leave me on a deserted island with these.

It’s all about the tease here. I’d wear them with a baggy (probably wrinkled) shirt.

These colors remind me of the Bahamas.

Groovy, baby.

The crochet trim gives me island vibes.

When I tell you I need these…

If you’re looking for an everyday take on the trend, she’s your gal.

The varsity jacket trend is as “borrowed from the boys” as it gets. It looks best slightly oversize, so don’t fear the men’s section! 

See the trend:

We may have Princess Diana to thank for the resurgence of this ’90s trend among fashion girls. Her masterful ability to weave together different aesthetics makes her a forever streetwear icon.

“They’re playing bas-ket-baaaaaall.” Sorry, I had to. Wear this trend with a miniskirt or cropped tee to balance out the bagginess.

Shop the trend:

I’m assuming the B stands for bones, and that makes it perfectly hard-core in my eyes. Special shout-out to my fellow Shereé Whitfield fans.

This ombré wool fabric looks super luxe.

Sporty spice. 

A classic color combo.

Not athletic? Problem solved. Buy this and customize with whatever patches your heart desires. 

Pleats have a remarkable ability to feel bougie. I don’t know exactly why. Because they are so comfortable? Maybe I’ve stumbled on a cheat code…

Like nail polish, pleats add an instantly elevated and put-together quality to your look. I’m leaning into this trend for its lazy-girl appeal.

See the trend:

This combination of prints sparks joy.

Shop the trend:

She is hydrated and always finds her light.

Easy, breezy, beautiful. This will be a summertime staple.

Fire signs will know what to do with these. Truly obsessed.

These pleats remind me of a mushroom in the best way.

I feel like Solange would wear this! Shop the matching Plissé Top ($400).

These have a gorgeous, natural gleam.

The OG pleat king himself. We would not be here but for these pleated pants. No one does it better.

Get into this pleats x crochet mashup moment.

Denim has arrived in every color and pattern to wake us up from a daze induced by a year in sweats. My favorite thing about this trend is its ability to give rise to new color and pattern combinations that may surprise you. 

See the trend:

Abstract denim prints like this are super popular right now. I see deconstructed yin-and-yang signs and/or ghosts.

Cheetah print might as well be a color already. Its versatility in an outfit is unmatched.

Shop the trend:

These are the jeans of dreams, people! I am the main character in these.

Quietly epic.

You can stop searching for the perfect cheetah-print pants. Get these. 

It’s giving abundance, which I will always welcome into my life.

Holiday always hits the mark on printed denim. These are my favorite.

Relaxed yet decadent, this is a lesson in finding the right balance.

Isn’t it the best when you find pants that will go with everything and add texture to your outfit?

This botanical print is perfect for all outdoor events.

Some people put their kids’ artwork on the fridge; some prefer to wear it. 

This spring, the Harrington jacket is going to give the leather jacket a run for its money. It’s appearing in interesting prints and pastels that make it perfect for layering and adding dimension to your outfit.

See the trend:

I love a bold print on a jacket because it gives you two looks in one—one with it on, and a completely different vibe with it off.

Shop the trend:

Loving this pink take the traditional workwear silhouette.

Two-tone denim means you’ll have twice the Canadian tuxedo options.

Doesn’t get more classic than this. The corduroy collar and quilted lining are the reason people always come back to this jacket.

Both utilitarian and chic.

Who wants a fussy trench coat when you can have this? Plus, the tartan lining is so cute.

Next up, find out the “going out” trends you should brace yourself for.