I Tried on 18 Pairs of Shoes at Nordstrom—Here Are the 9 Worth Buying

Like almost every young woman in New York, I like to think of myself as a sort of Carrie Bradshaw type. I live pretty close to the fantasy characters’ home, find myself at the same restaurants although 20 years have passed, and also have quite the affinity for shoes. At this exact moment, I write from my home where many pairs sit lined up outside of my closet. Unlike Ms. Bradshaw, I wasn’t blessed with a walk-through closet and am trying to show them all into tiny spaces. I’ve given up and they currently remain scattered throughout my small space. They’re so pretty to look at that it doesn’t bother me one bit.

One struggle I have with the world of online shopping we have fully embraced is finding shoes that actually fit and aren’t wildly uncomfortable. We’ve all seen that photo of a model propped up with a subtle glimmer in her eyes wearing that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing. She looks so happy, so they must be comfortable. Well, that’s just not always the case, so I decided to do some field reporting.

A quick cab ride to the Nordstrom flagship in New York City led me to what most people would consider being in paradise: thousands of shoes laid out before me as I tried on everything that caught my eye. The experience was quite magical, and I highly suggest a visit if it’s convenient for you, but for the most part, shopping online is king. That’s why below you’ll find that I’ve gathered the best of the best below. A few pairs didn’t fit quite right, some were too difficult to walk in, and others were a bit outdated for the new world we’re living in. You can trust the below are editor tested and approved. I think you deserve to pick up a pair or two. 

I’ve been eyeing these shoes for a while, so finally getting them on my feet was even more exciting when I realized how comfortable they are. We called the puffy shoe trend a while back and it’s still having its moment. I’m on my way to order it in more colors.

Were they comfortable? I’m ready to dance all night, the cushioning felt so good. How was sizing? True to size and so chic.

Black knee-high boots stole my heart long ago and we’re still going steady. A flat pair will take you many many places. I’m enjoying the shine that goes with the leather here. 

Were they comfortable? Could walk in them for days. How was sizing? They fit very true to the size, but the calves were a bit tight, so if you would want more space in that part of the boot, I would suggest a half size up. 

It was my dream as a kid to be a princess, and apparently, dreams do come true! I swear if Cinderella took place in the modern era, these would be the glass slippers that had their iconic moment long ago.

Were they comfortable? I could spend an entire party in them but definitely would take a cab there. How was sizing? I suggest ordering a half size up from your true size.

I love when a nostalgic style has a comeback, and that’s exactly what’s happening with converse right now. I feel lucky when something becomes fashionable but is so easy to wear.

Were they comfortable? I think I could run a marathon in these. There’s a cushion at the bottom that makes them even more comfortable. How was sizing? I took a half size down and loved it.

If you haven’t heard the news, platform heels are back and bigger than ever. Pretty much everyone is going to have shoes like this in their closet by the end of the year, I’m calling it now. This pair made me feel like Barbie.

Were they comfortable? I can walk to the event and back in these shoes, let’s add to cart. How was sizing? A half-size up suited me best.

I have never seen a pair of shoes that felt more “me” than this pair. They’re so pretty and fun. I’m telling you platforms are seriously having a moment. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Were they comfortable? Could stroll city streets on a European vacation all day and then dance all night. Most comfortable heels I’ve worn. How was sizing? True to size. We love to see it.

Chelsea boots never go out of style, and neither does my love for Ganni. The beauty of living in New York is that a short walk can take you anywhere you need to go. I will be taking full advantage of that benefit by wearing these shoes.

Were they comfortable? I could wear them all day every day. There’s a fabulous cushion at the sole. How was sizing? True to size. I’m into that.

I’m currently losing it over these shoes. The drama, the exquisite craftsmanship…  everything about them is so beautiful. Just look how dressed up I look in my simple outfit when I put them on. They’re all you need to make a statement.

Were they comfortable? These are bringing the height so they aren’t quite meant for walking but make such a great statement I had to still include them. How was sizing? True to size and looks good with everything.

I audibly gasped when the Nordstrom team brought these out. I mean, just look at how pretty they are—how could you not? Pretty much everyone I know is in love with the color green and these boots are a must if that’s you.

Were they comfortable? Cowboy take me away! Translation: It’s a yes from me. How was sizing? I preferred these in a half size up.

I’m drooling.

You will get so many wears out of these.

I can’t not mention Amina Muaddi in any shoe roundup.

She’s a pretty girl.

Tie the knot.

Slam dunk.

Carrie Bradshaw would be wearing these shoes if she was us.

Ballet flats will have their moment this year.

The boot everyone is loving.

She’s ready for brunch.

If you’re not ready to fully dive into the platform trend try these.

Loafer season is coming soon.

She’s a runner, she’s a track star.

I need these shoes in blue.

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