I Think Wardrobe Staples Make the Best Gifts—Here’s What’s on My Holiday List

I believe that there are three steps in the gift-giving process: finding the gift, giving the gift, and using the gift. While finding the gift may seem like the most important step, I’ve always been more concerned about how the item (that I carefully selected, by the way) exists in the person’s life after they receive it. And I’m not shy about texts or calls that begin with, “Hey! Have you worn the dress I got you yet?” To avoid answers like “Not yet,” or, “I’m saving it for an upcoming party,” I’ve started to focus on gifting people with wardrobe staples versus statement pieces. Not only will these pieces live in their closets for a long time, but they’ll serve as the versatile (and stylish) pieces that they wear on repeat.

This holiday season, I’m prepared to shop for key closet staples from Otrium, an end-of-season digital shopping platform offering members access to more than 300 global brands at up to 75% off. This retailer believes in a future where all clothing is worn, so it works with designer brands to list excess end-of-season inventory in order to keep that clothing from ending up in landfills. Otrium’s mission is one I can definitely get behind, and the designer finds are an added bonus. I’m talking chic slip dresses (I’m thinking about buying the one below for myself), trench coats, pullover sweaters, and more. Ready for a sneak peek at some of the gifts my friends and family will unwrap this year? They’re waiting for you below.