I Take My Gift Giving Very Seriously—These 16 Pieces Made It on My List

Whether I’m buying a gift for a specific person or for a holiday gift exchange, I always make sure that the person on the receiving end will not only be satisfied but overjoyed by what they unwrap. I take my time thinking about how to make a gift feel especially curated and well thought out. Luckily, it’s in my job description to scour the internet for the best finds, so gift giving comes naturally to me. During one of my routine online shopping sessions (which I do both on and off the clock), I found Paige’s holiday gift guide. It has everything from leather mules to printed puffer jackets for the people on my holiday list. I had a hard time trying not to buy everything, and it got increasingly difficult with each scroll. For my wallet’s sake (and yours), I narrowed it down to 16 perfect holiday gifts below.