I Spent Hours on Etsy and Found All the Cutest Hidden Gems

In case you haven’t heard, Etsy sales blew up last year during the peak of the pandemic, but as Bloomberg reported, the retailer’s popularity is “no flash in the pan.” New customers continue to flock to Etsy, so I thought it was high time to do a roundup for our readers. 

I decided to focus on my two favorite Etsy categories: jewelry and home items. Of course, I made sure to include a wide range of styles, from cutesy to sleek and everything in between. Yes, some people love an adorable homemade item, but I’m well aware that others might prefer something more minimalist and grown-up. With that in mind, I sourced a mix of earrings, rings, necklaces, vases, candles, lamps, and more, all from the best small businesses on Etsy. 

I just love cutesy jewelry like these mushroom earrings. 

This mother of pearl ring is simply stunning. 

I’m obsessed with this unique emerald ring. 

I love jewelry with an arts-and-crafts feel. 

This sophisticated ring is so versatile. 

Yes, this is worthy of an engagement ring. 

Just for fun. 

Sleek and simple. 

Pearl jewelry is such a classic choice. 

Emerald rings will never go out of style

This small business owner has so many cute jewelry pieces. 

Pair these colorful earrings with a sleek black turtleneck to really show them off. 

Yes, the mushroom-lamp trend is still going strong. 

This is giving me Palm Springs vibes. 

This vase would look fantastic in a room with other earth tones. 

Admit it: Your dinnerware collection could use some updating. 

I love finding unique items on Etsy. 

These vases make a striking statement. 

To replace your cracked and stained mugs. 

You can’t go wrong with any of these colors. 

Palo Santo just feels so right for cozy winter nights. 

Store your jewelry on this beautiful marble dish. 

Lighting is the best way to make a rental apartment feel like a home. 

Bring a punch of color to your house. 

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh coffee? 

These are begging to be shown on your Instagram. 

I’ll never get tired of colorful candles. 

These dainty string lights are incredibly cute. 

This type of vase is all over Instagram, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. 

For all of you Hocus Pocus lovers out there. 

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