I Shop 7 Days A Week And Think These 6 Micro Trends Will Take Over

Most stylish people will do their due diligence to stay on top of the big seasonal trends filtering through the fashion world, but for those that are really keen on being ahead of the curve, you’re already focusing on what’s bubbling under. Today, we’re diving a little bit deeper into our favorite pastime of trendspotting to talk about the under-the-radar trends we’ve noticed gaining steady traction. They’re not as prevalent as some of the ubiquitous styles on the market, but give it some time and we predict you’ll be seeing them everywhere. 

So which designs should you keep your eyes peeled for now? Callbacks to Y2K style like the trucker hat are slowly popping up on our feeds, as well as subtle riffs on spring’s huge cut-out trend like keyhole slits and extreme cutouts that look as if they’re busting at the seams. Some of these may fall on the controversial side, but that’s the fun of fashion, right? More microtrends are also making waves slowly yet surely, so get your paper and pencil ready, and take note as we run through the simmering trends, set to boil over. 

Last year, Chanel’s Creative Director Virginie Viard, sent a clear message that we should all be shifting our attention to detached sleeves. The design was a reoccurring theme within the SS21 collection, appearing in a tiered ruffled dress look and with a black and white halter catsuit. Mugler similarly made several references to detached sleeves during its latest presentation, so we have a hunch there’s some credence to its status as one to watch. Is it a glove or is it a sleeve? That’s the big question, but whatever you call it, get ready to see more of it soon.

Chanel SS21′

Mugler FW ’21

A microtrend that seemingly came out of nowhere, ruched rings have increasingly picked up steam just at the start of the warm weather season. We’ve seen the detail on swimsuits, crop tops, dresses, and more so it definitely ranks as one of the more wearable trends on this list. 

Now we’ve come to the risque portion of our forecast: Welcome to the peek-a-boo slit. This trend can be described as keyhole cut-outs aligned along the sides of a blouse, pants, or skirt (you may have to reconsider underwear here). If you’re daring enough to try it for yourself, brands Marcia Wear, Acne Studios, and Christopher Esber have featured the detail in their recent collections. 

Less can in fact be more, as proven by this next microtrend. It’s one that easier seen than said, but to put it plainly this craze is all about cut-outs that look so stretched out as if hanging on by a thread. Of course, you won’t bust out of them should you partake in any of these designer versions, but the extreme look is enough to pique curiosity. Designer Rui Zhou has made this look their signature for some time, but other brands like Ottolinger and Poster Girl have recently joined the choir.

Christopher Esber SS21

Rui SS21

Get your Von Dutch hats ready: The Y2K fashion phenomenon has graced our timelines for a bit, so we weren’t too surprised when trucker hats started to crop up on a few of our favorite fashion people. Newcomer Mowalola Ogunlesi’s logo trucker hat has become a cult item among fashion circles, and early noughts favorite Von Dutch has experienced a resurgence with Gen Z. It’s definitely divisive, but my inner pre-teen is ready for this dose of nostalgia.  

We’ve talked about this bubbling trend before, but it’s definitely one to keep on your radar for the months ahead. The look is quite simple: think of two contrasting tops or dresses worn on top of one another, but the exception here is that it’s all one piece. We really love how it adds another dimension to a basic top or dress, and it’s edgy in a more delicate way than say patent leather or heavy metals. It’s an easy microtrend to incorporate into your daily wardrobe if any of the others seem too intimidating to try out.

Jacquemus SS21

Sandy Lian

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