I Rewatched “New Moon” And Had So Many Thoughts

Recently I rewatched Twilight in honour of the movie’s 10th anniversary. Of course, I couldn’t stop there. Here’s how the experience of revisiting New Moon went down…

1. This opening is so Serious™️.

2. Oh yeaaaah I forgot this plot is “inspired” by Romeo and Juliet.

3. Oh good we get the sparkles again immediately.

4. Why didn’t they put the old woman in the same shirt if we’re meant to believe it’s Bella?

5. Lmao why is this so funny? The dramatic music just makes it funnier.

6. Omg remember digital cameras?!

7. Here’s Edward! I forgot how good his entrance is in this. He looks so hot.

8. The banter is great.

9. And the kissing! I’m so into this.

10. I can’t wait until Jacob can ditch that terrible wig.

11. Edward seems so happy! They’re really setting us up for a fall huh.

12. “Bella you give me everything just by breathing.” This script.

13. The fact they’re not watching Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet in class is a travesty.

14. Edward talking about being jealous of Romeo’s ability to kill himself is…intense.

15. “You’re my only reason to stay alive, if that’s what I am.” That’s a lot of pressure to put on an 18-year-old girl.

16. “Dating an older woman. Hot.” Hahaha I love Emmett.

17. Lol all I can think of in this paper cut scene now is that tweet about Edward yeeting Bella into the wall.

18. What was Carlisle and Esme’s gift for Bella though?

19. All this soul and hell talk is such a drag.

20. Bella looks so pretty.

21. Is Edward wearing the same suit as the night before? Has he just been moping in the forest all night?

22. Bella really is dangerously dependent on Edward. Like I get break-ups suck but this is some next level suffering.

23. Is that Jacob’s bare chest I see carrying Bella?

24. Oh no it’s Sam’s.

25. I can’t believe how much of this movie I can’t remember.

26. The camera panning around a depressed Bella to show the passing of the months is *chef’s kiss*.

27. But also, Bella, get it together girl.

28. Poor Charlie.

29. Anna Kendrick is such good value as Jessica.

30. Hahahahhahahahaha hello Ghost Edward.

31. Bella stop.

32. I can’t believe the whole plot of this movie is Bella doing risky shit in order to hallucinate her ex-boyfriend.


34. What about Jessica?!?!?

35. Honestly wouldn’t blame Jessica for never speaking to Bella again.

36. Awww Jacob. I love Jacob.

37. This is a much happier montage than the earlier one.

38. Why isn’t Bella wearing a helmet?

39. And we get our first gratuitous shot of Jacob taking his shirt off! Bless this movie.

40. “You’re sort of beautiful.” No sort of about it, Bella.

41. Mike for real still has a hard on for Bella? Lord.

42. “What a marshmallow.” What a perfect description of Mike.

43. Poor Jacob.

44. Oh shit I think I’m Team Jacob?



47. This is quality cinema.

48. Jacob looks so broken. Awww.

49. Kiss him Bella! Kiss him!

50. Even the meadow has shrivelled and died.

51. Oh no Laurent.


53. What an absolute unit.

54. *Jacob parkours into Bella’s room.* “Hey.”

55. Yep I’m totally Team Jacob.

56. Paul has serious anger issues.

57. How many jorts do these boys go through though.

58. “Guess the wolf’s out of the bag.” Lol.

59. “About Emily…don’t stare. It bugs Sam.” Um what about Emily?!

60. This scene of Bella walking in front of Jacob to confront him about his secret is a nice parallel to the first movie.

61. Classic Bella actually believing Jacob has killed people. Smh.

62. This soundtrack is so damn great.

63. Rachelle Lafevre is such a good Victoria. I love this scene of the wolves chasing her.

64. RIP Harry Clearwater :(.

65. Hahahahahah Floating Ghost Edward. I’m cackling.

66. Yes Bella. Kiss him. Kiss Jacob.

67. Goddammit.

68. Alice is as done with Bella as I am.

69. This movie is really funny in moments when it’s probably not supposed to be.


71. Uggggh the damn cockblocking phone.

72. “He’s not here right now. He’s arranging a funeral.” Jacob I love you but you did not need to say that.

73. Lol poor Emo Edward.

74. Rosalie you and your big mouth.

75. These movies go from zero to 100 so quick.

76. Edward thinking he’s in heaven when Bella leaps into his arms is so corny but I love it.

77. Awww I’m a sucker for this reunion.

78. Why aren’t Edward’s eyes black rn he’s meant to be starving right?

79. Dakota Fanning! What a queen.

80. I still can’t get over that Michael Sheen is in these movies.

81. Love a vampire fight.

82. Lol why are Edward and Bella dressed like children from the 1920s in Alice’s vision?!

83. “Let’s be done with it.” Marcus’s impatience is a real mood.

84. Charlie deserves so much better.

85. Why is Bella telling Edward to shut up so funny?

86. “Don’t make me choose. Because it’ll be him.” Okay I am crying for Jacob right now.

87. “Marry me, Bella.” And scene.

88. I remember laughing so much at how the movie ended when it first came out.

89. About as much as I’m laughing now.

90. What a ride.