I Only Wear Heels, and These 50 Under-$150 Pairs Are Giving Me Life

No matter how many times I try, when I’m scrolling through Shopbop, Nordstrom, or Net-A-Porter, I always find myself looking at one thing: statement heels. Despite the fact that we’re still living in a global pandemic, despite the revival of flat-shoe trends, and despite the fact that my feet beg me to throw on some sneakers, I can not stop shopping for and wearing heels. Maybe that makes me a masochist, or maybe I’m channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw, but I digress because all that really matters to me is finding the best heels for spring. And while there are a few designer ones on my radar, nothing beats finding an affordable pair of unique heels that look more expensive than they actually are. So in that vein, I’ve taken it upon myself to round up some of the best affordable heels, all under $150. From trend-forward styles featuring platforms and crystals to staples like mules and strappy sandals, these pairs are affordable and extremely stylish.

Wear the rainbow.

Oh, the contrasting black sole is so chic.

These mules aren’t just blue; they’re cerulean.

One word: feathers.

Pink satin platforms? Yes, please.

For only $18, these are the perfect way to adopt this hue into your closet for less.

Come springtime, these sandals will be the only thing I want to slip into. 

Who would have thought you could find the coolest statement mules at Urban Outfitters?

The subtle buckles on these sandals are so good. 

The sharp angle on these mules makes them look like a sculpture. 

Pumps are always so chic. 

Cinderella won’t have anything on me in these heels. 

Zara isn’t playing with these clear-heeled mules.

Hold up—these aren’t Bottega?

Hello, perfect statement mules. 

Simple gold sandals will never go out of style. 

The weaving on these mules is so luxe. 

Carrie Bradshaw would definitely wear these.

Who said you couldn’t wear all your neutrals together?

These mules are better than a night under a disco ball. 

These shoes have me sweating. 

This was one of the best-selling pairs of sandals among our readers. 

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the contrasting wood heel on these mules. 

Warning: These may be too hot to touch. 

Pleated leather gets me every time. 

These chic slingback sandals come in six different colorways. 

Call me extra, but I need these—bad.

These are the type of ankle boots that can be worn well into the spring. 

I own way too many pink shoes, but I still want these. 

Who doesn’t love an ankle-strap moment? 

Meet the perfect little strappy sandals. 

The sculptural ball heel makes these mules. 

Everything about these sandals is unique. 

Work in the front, party in the back.

Clearing my calendar so I can go out dancing in these booties.

You can wear these season after season. 

A bamboo-shaped heel? I’m speechless.

Slouched boots are one of my favorite shoe trends of the moment. 

These mules kinda popped off.

ASOS was in its bag when the brand designed these shoes.

Add these to a black-outfit, and you’ll look so good. 

Everyone needs black knee-high boots in their life.

These will add the right amount of spice to any ensemble.

I am losing it over the heel on these mules.

Someone come to collect my jaw off the floor—I beg of you. 

The wooden heel, though…

My inner Elle Woods is shaking right now.

These are so fun. 

These are giving Manolo Blahnik energy without the price tag.

I own these sandals, and they’re perfect for when you need a break from stilettos. 

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