I Need to Talk About These Olsen-Approved Basics—Let’s Discuss

I have to admit two things. First, I’ve been a fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen since day one. I grew up watching their movies, studying their style, and imitating my fair share of their outfits over the years. Who could forget their amazing early ‘2000s style after they moved to NYC that was centered around pieces like draped coats and live-in tees? It will forever be iconic in my mind. Second, I’ve also been a fan of The Row since they launched the brand. They have a mastery of basics that comes down to incredible quality and perfect styling. If you’re looking for the perfect anything, they have it mastered.

Diving into their recent F/W 21 collection, I was reminded of just how good they are at designing incredible basics that really nail how women want to dress. The collection has impeccable tailoring, but relaxed silhouettes and indulgent fabrications—tapping into the movement towards comfortable clothing in the most polished, fashion-forward way possible. Also of note? Many of the pieces are plucked straight from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s personal wardrobes. Let’s dive in.

Slouchy trousers are one of the biggest spring trends, period. For fall, The Row is keeping up the trend’s momentum with an emphasis on wide-leg silhouettes with a slight flare and pooled hems. You can find a range of finishes in The Row’s collection, ranging from polished trousers to more relaxed jeans.

A maxi skirt is a piece I’ve never owned and I have to admit that it has always seemed a little tricky to pull off, so I haven’t been rushing to buy one. After seeing this piece in The Row’s latest collection, though, I’m convinced that it’s the cool new basic to own that can be pulled off with simply an oversize button-down down and a pair of heels or knee-high boots.

As we saw with many designers on the S/S 21 runways, oversize button-down shirts are the basics trend that is about to be everywhere. While we can expect to see it on the fashion set this spring, now that they have been spotted in The Row’s F/W 21 collection, you can bet that they’ll have a long shelflife. I especially love how it was styled with a maxi skirt and will be adding that into my arsenal of outfit ideas to try out.

Relaxed (yet tailored) pieces are a hallmark of The Row. With a focus on polished, comfortable pieces, they’ve designed a stunning collection of outerwear that is sure to inspire how the fashion set get dressed through the end of the year. The standout item? Draped coats with a slightly upsized fit.

If you look back at photos back through the years, a structured tote is the bag both Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen carry nine times out of ten. The practical bag is also timeless and endlessly chic, so you can rest assured that you’ll own it forever once you make the investment.

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