I Love Summer Accessories But I’m Whitling My Collection Down to These 7

When it comes to summer shopping (or any shopping, for that matter), nothing gets me as excited as accessories do. I tend to gravitate toward simple clothes and really have fun with the extras. But I also tend to go a bit overboard pretty much every summer. Trendy summer accessories are one of the most fun things you can buy, but I’ve finally learned that I don’t need them all, so I’m making this the year I start limiting myself. To start, I made a list of the essentials (which I intentionally didn’t include shoes in because I think they deserve their own category).

The beauty of summer accessories is that they don’t have to be taken too seriously, if that makes sense. For example, it’s perfectly acceptable for a raffia tote to be your handbag for the day. Read on to find out which summer accessories I’m keeping in my wardrobe this year and beyond.

I couldn’t pick just one hat style, so I’m splitting the category. First up: bucket hats. You thought they were going away after the first season they became popular, but nope—they seem to be here to stay for the time being.

My personal favorite hat style is baseball caps, which come in many fun iterations and look good on everyone.

If you don’t wear sunglasses in the summer, I’m not sure how you survive, but assuming you do, I highly suggest investing in a pair of oval shades. They’re flattering and always in style.

Hair scarfs started making a comeback last summer, and I predict that was just the beginning for this chic trend.

Raffia bags are a style that instantly make me think of summer. No matter what you’re wearing, if you’re carrying a raffia bag, you’ll look like you’re summering in the South of France (a look I’d be happy to strive for).

While I love wearing gold jewelry in the summer, colorful pieces—whether in the form of enamel, resin, or gemstones—give every warm-weather outfit the fun finishing touch it needs.

Sarongs have tons of uses, the main one obviously being swimsuit cover-up, which is why they’re beloved by women around the world (especially for a beach day).

Next up, the secret to looking like “that girl” in beachwear.