I Live in NYC and I See These 5 Trendy Shoe Pairings Everywhere I Go

While New Yorkers tend to dress well all year round, their fall style is where it really gets good, IMHO. As soon as the weather cools, you can spot NYC girls breaking out chic new outerwear looks, test-driving the latest denim trends, and playing around with some creative layering ideas. The same is true about their about their taste in shoes. Despite being a city in which practicality comes first, New Yorkers are often the first people I see to test out the coolest shoe trends of the moment and this season is certainly no different.

In fact, taking a stroll around the city on any given day this month, I spotted a few key themes in the footwear choices of my fellow city dwellers. It turns out that they’re all favoring the below five trendy shoes but not only that, they all seem to agree on some styling choices that make their of-the-moment picks even more forward feeling. Sure, ballet flats are trending this fall but if you look closely you’ll notice that NYC’s most stylish set is wearing the flats with puddle-hem jeans for a cool contrast. They’re likewise pairing super-sweet mary janes with white tube socks.

Ahead, see the five fall shoe trends they’re backing and how they’re styling each.

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