I Live in New York City—Everyone I Know Wears These 5 Denim Trends

In Manhattan, nobody cares what you wear. To be quite honest, nobody really notices anything; someone can be walking on their hands in a green tutu through Washington Square Park, and no one looks twice. At a certain point, we all become immune to the varied fashion and personalities that walk the streets around us. While this is a luxury most of the time, like when I’m hungover at the bagel shop and look rather, well, disheveled, sometimes you want people to notice your outfits. I get kind of sad when I spend 40 minutes putting a look together and no one gives a second glance. And yet, whenever I wear this one thing, I always get compliments, and that’s denim.

Whether it be a Canadian tuxedo I stroll into work in, my denim Golden Goose sneakers I wear with just about everything, or a deep-wash jean dress, people always say something. I don’t mean this in a conceited way; it’s honestly just something about the denim that gets people talking. And in New York City, talking can get you pretty far. Plus, sometimes, in one of the biggest cities in the world, it can be lonely. And sometimes, with just one conversation, even if it is just about denim sneakers, you start to feel a little less lonely.

Regal double denim.

Flares with flair.

Double denim for the price of one.

The perfect bottom half to the double-denim ensemble.

A fabulous brand with some kick-ass denim.

I had to include slouchy-denim boots.

I’ve been telling everyone low-rise jeans are making a comeback, and here’s proof.

In case you prefer your slouch to be a little more cropped.

I love everything about this outfit.

The contrast in the stitching makes this.

The uneven hems are so in.

The leather trim is so subtle and so chic.

Dress it up with heels or down with sneakers.

Ordering this skirt ASAP.

An absolute essential.

Stretchy denim for extra comfort.

Bonus points for the double denim.

This jacket also comes in just about every color.

Simple but necessary.

The two colors of denim sold me on this.

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