I Have Cashmere Taste But Limited Funds—These 6 Sweaters Bridge the Gap

Have you ever thought, “I’d be a better dresser if I had money”? It’s a common misconception (even among the fashion set) that wealth equates to style. Don’t get me wrong. Certain pieces are worth investing in, but that by no means indicates that something is chic. As consumers, our relationship with what’s worth buying needs to change when it comes to affordable fashion and the luxury end of the spectrum. If something is considered a “luxury” item but not sustainably made and is churned out at the same rate as fast fashion, is it worth the hefty price tag? And on the other hand, is it actually bad if something falls within the realm of affordable fashion but can be produced and consumed with the intention of making it a forever piece? These are prompts we all have to ask ourselves when thinking about what we’re adding to our carts, and it’s something that can inform how we shop for one specific winter staple: sweaters.  There’s no denying the importance of investing in great knits. However, not everyone can dole out the dough for a cashmere sweater. But that doesn’t mean a lack of funds should limit your ability to look like a million bucks. So in that vein, I’ve scoured the internet to identify six sweater styles that always look chic, whether you pay $30 or $300. Plus, I’ve shopped out the best expensive-looking sweaters, all under $150. These knits prove that true style doesn’t require a steep price tag. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune on sweaters to look like you’re drippin’ in dough. A prime example is the Breton-stripe sweater. It can be paired with anything and magically make the outfit look like you’re about to visit your vacation home in the English countryside. 

The buttons are a nice touch. 

This knit looks thick enough for cold winter days. 

This Arket knit is made from cotton, making it the perfect lightweight sweater for warmer winter days. 

Yes, you can have cashmere and not spend all your cash. 

It’s the zipper for me. 

Wait until you see the back of this sweater. 

Another classic knit that always looks expensive is the zip-up knit jumper. The styling is the secret to making this style look even more luxurious. Don’t be afraid to layer underneath and over to make this piece shine as bright as a dime. 

You’ll be living your most lavish life in this knit. 

Yes, yes, yes.

It’s made from wool, so you know it’s warm. 

Love this color. 

Nothing can elevate winter ensembles quite like a caramel-hued sweater. 

Cobalt blue is one of the coolest colors right now. 

Every fashion person has, at one point, spent an inconceivable amount of time thinking about Khaite’s sweetheart-neckline sweater. Some things are indeed worth the investment, but if you can’t shell out $1k for a sweater at this point, simply search for iterations with the same neckline to get a little taste of luxury. 

Imagine this top styled with leather pants. Heartbreaking, right? 

Everything about this sweater is perfection—the neckline, the choker, the price tag. 

So chic. 

Nordstrom’s knits never fail the assignment. 

The bustier outline makes this knit all the more special. 

Perfect for date night. 

There’s nothing more luxurious than thick knits, especially in the form of a chunky cable-knit sweater. Of course, any thicker knit always looks luxe, but if you really want to get your money’s worth, you’ll want to opt for “boring” details. Think classic silhouettes, earth tones, and better fabrics. Doing this will ensure you can wear your sweater for years to come.

Crew-neck sweaters never go out of style. 

In case you do want a splash of color, this sweater also comes in pink, orange, green, lilac, and blue. 

You’ll wear this all winter. 

Not only is this a cable-knit, but it also has that zip-up detail, too, so it’s a great buy all around. 

I imagine curling up with a cup of hot cocoa in this knit. 

What can make a cable-knit sweater even chicer? An off-the-shoulder neckline, of course. 

Does it get more bougie than a collared knit? The answer is no, BTW. Pair this sweater with your favorite leather pants and a blazer, and you’ll be the walking embodiment of polished. 

The stitching on this sweater has me in shambles. 

Bouclé always manages to look elevated. 

Love this silhouette but don’t need another black sweater? This is available in cream, brown, and lilac too. 

So good. 

Note the cute little pocket on this sweater. 

The contrasting white collar gives French vibes. 

Last but certainly not least, the sweater that always looks luxurious is the forever-classic turtleneck sweater. You can spend very little on this piece, yet it will always look sophisticated. Turtlenecks are the ultimate proof that money doesn’t buy good taste, but knowing how (and what) to shop is the actual test of style. 

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of owning at least one black turtleneck. 

This color is just *chef’s kiss*. 

Cozy, cozy, cozy. 

Uniqlo’s Heattech sweaters are a must-have for the winter. 

Snuggle up. 

Now, here’s a piece you can own for a long time. 

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