I Have a $200 Gift Card to Shopbop—49 Contenders That Are Sitting in My Cart

I know it sounds weird, but gift cards have always sort of stressed me out. See, they regularly prompt me to buy something that I didn’t need in the first place, and worse, I always end up spending more (sometimes far more) than the actual credit amount. On the other hand, when I attempt to avoid falling victim to this trap, I find myself sitting on the cards for months on end, forgetting about them until they expire, or worse, I lose them. Which brings me to today’s task.

Back in 2021, I was given a very generous $200 gift card to Shopbop that, thus far, has gone untouched. (Luckily, this one never expires.) It wasn’t until after I added 50+ items into my cart during what was supposed to be a casual online-shopping peruse last week that I remembered that I had it. So, in an effort to actually use my gift card and not go over my $200 limit, I decided to cut everything from my cart that surpassed it and round up all of the drool-worthy picks that remained inside my budget. 

Keep scrolling to see every last under-$200 item that’s left in my Shopbop shopping cart

My sunglasses collection is massive, and yet I can’t stop coming back to these.

These are an obvious contender.

I’m obsessed with miniskirts. I can’t help it.

And just like that, it’s midriff season again. 

My friend’s wedding is coming up and the race for a dress is on. 

 I love jeans just as much as the next person, but sometimes, nothing hits quite like a pair of leather pants.

And the reign of retro sneakers continues. 

Do I use my entire budget on this one top? I’m finding it hard to think of a reason not to.

The fact that this gown is in my price range will never fail to amaze me.

I’ve never really been a bodysuit person, but this one has me rethinking everything. 

You can never have too many pairs of Levi’s. 

I am, in fact, screaming.

Because my current Uggs have seen better days.

Summer awaits.

I know it isn’t necessarily the exciting choice, but gift cards seem like the perfect opportunity to stock up on basics.

I mean, duh.

I’m smitten.

I’m calling it: These are the new New Balance 990s.

Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

*Me every day, all summer long.*

I’ve been very into silver jewelry lately.

This shopping haul is changing my entire stance on bodysuits.

Staud bags are unmatched.

Andrea Iyamah is *the* brand to know right now.

I’m oddly obsessed with wearing knee-high socks with loafers.


This one just shot to the top of my list.

An open back will always tempt me.

I’m always down for a sheer moment.

Pretty doesn’t even begin to describe this necklace.

For the vacation I haven’t yet planned.

Birkenstock has never failed me before.

No, I will not be wearing this as a sleep shirt.

Gray tanks are underrated if you ask me.

I’m a sucker for cashmere.

It’s true, these really are icons. 

Hello, luxury. How is this dress $78?

I saw Lucy Williams wearing a suit just like this on Instagram, so naturally, now I want one too.  Shop the matching Nomi Bikini Bottoms ($85).

I’ve never not needed a new pair of Chucks.

To be worn as a top as well as a swimsuit.

Orange you glad you stumbled upon these? I know I am.

This is the kind of dress that can be slipped on for any occasion, from a dinner date to a wedding. Speaking of weddings, I still need a dress for the aforementioned nuptials. 

I never wear color, but something about this dress is calling out to me.

Best flip flops. Only flip flops.

I don’t want this set. I need it.

A warm-weather must.

Check my drawer for proof: This is the only bra I wear/will ever wear.  Shop the matching Anouk Boy Thong ($38).

Sometimes, the easy pick is the best one.

This neckline is doing it for me.

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