I Frequent the Basics Section at Nordstrom—Here Are the Best Items to Buy

I turn to Nordstrom on the regular for my personal shopping and when I’m sourcing top-notch products to recommend to you, dear readers. While the retailer stocks a wide variety of merchandise, it’s the basics section that’s always particularly intriguing. Basically, if you’re looking for a specific versatile find to help balance out your wardrobe, Nordstrom will probably have it. On that note, I recently found quite the smattering of next-level basics while perusing through the site while doing market research for various stories.

The simple picks—everything from classic layering items to those trendy basics like cropped cardigans—get an A+ because they’re chic and can easily mix and match with other pieces. And given that the items in the assortment are quite stylish, I have a feeling that many will actually sell out pretty quickly. With all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out some of the cutest basics at Nordstrom right now.

All about the shacket this season.

Wear this cardigan dress as is or open with a tee and jeans.

Polos are trending hard right now.

Adorable (especially with the matching pants). 

Very chic with high-waisted jeans.

Perfect jeans.

The puff sleeves are a nice touch.

A beautiful longline cardigan.

Keep it cozy.

Just in case you need to add a bit of sophistication to your outfit for one of your Zoom meetings.

Shoulder pad tee for the win.

The cut here is great.

Not your average leggings with the slit at the hem.

Because a chic ribbed cardigan is never a bad idea.

Ideal for layering

The side slits are a nice touch.

A chic longline cardigan.

A super cute elevated basic to wear with jeans or the coordinating pants.

Talk about a comfy hoodie.

All about the looser fit.

Try this dress with boots or sneakers.

Another great blazer pick.

This T-shirt may just become a new go-to.

Wear this slouchy sweater with everything from jeans to joggers to leggings.

Darling tank.

A very chic sweaterdress.

Fresh denim, anyone?

Just so comfortable looking.

And another A+ ribbed cardigan.

Next, check out more stylish finds.