I Found the 2021 It Items Hiding In Nordstrom’s Trend Section

I used to work at my local Nordstrom in early college and was always browsing the stores’ trend section on my break. Considering I was on a college budget and had an employee discount, brands like BP and Topshop are what made up most of my wardrobe in those days. Fast-forward a few years later, Nordstrom’s trend section is looking better than ever. They offer a plethora of newer cool brands and have a selection of the latest trends ready for you to add to cart. Granted, online shopping can be a little difficult to navigate with a retailer like Nordstrom that has hundreds of pages to sift through, I decided to make the shopping process a little easier for you.

Ahead, you will find the 2021 trends I was able to shop out for you all from the trend section at Nordstrom. Featuring the latest print trends, shoe styles, and more. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to get your 2021 fashion fix, look no further.

The Trend: Pale Yellow

The Trend: Cutoff Shorts

The Trend: Cargo Pants

The Trend: Second-Skin Tops

The Trend: ’90s Heels

The Trend: Classic Hoops

The Trend: Bucket Hats

The Trend: Crochet

The Trend: Relaxed Denim

The Trend: Vintage Sunnies

The Trend: Tied Detailing

The Trend: Corsets

The Trend: Furry Bags

The Trend: Knitted Dresses

The Trend: Y2K 

The Trend: Retro Sneakers

The Trend: Second-Skin Tops + Psychedelic Prints

The Trend: Kidcore

The Trend: Bubblegum Pink

The Trend: Checkerboard

The Trend: Thong Sandals

The Trend: Leather Trousers

The Trend: Cutouts

The Trend: Ballet Class

The Trend: Muscle Tees