I Did an H&M Deep Dive—These 31 Trendy Finds Are *It*

We know you know, but H&M is basically *the* place to go for trendy pieces—especially if you’re on a budget. The affordable retailer has so much of-the-moment goodness to choose from that looks like it came straight out of your IG feed. I’m talking ’90s-inspired jeans, cutout tops, printed knit dresses, nostalgic jewelry, and horse-bit loafers. I mean, there’s obviously way more than that, but just to give you a hint that the store has tons more than just basics. (Nothing against basics, though.)

But scrolling through the website can be overwhelming to say the least—even more so when you take all the accessories into consideration. If you want to shop for trendy pieces but don’t have the time to actually go through every page in every section of the site, don’t stress. I rounded up 31 It finds from H&M that you can stock up your closet with—especially as we look toward the warmer months in spring and summer. Here’s to looking fashion-forward without emptying your bank account! Always a plus. 

Found you the perfect baggy jeans. You’re welcome. 

Pleated pants are also back, and they add a tailored twist to your regular rotation. 

Can’t resist a rib-knit dress. 

Button this style all the way up, or keep some buttons loose to get creative with layering. 

How can one resist a pair of sophisticated loafers for this price? 

Not over cardigans yet. Wear this ribbed one on its own or over another top. 

Summer will be here before you know it. Ribbed materials have found their way onto bikinis as a swim trend, so you def want to grab this top and the matching bottoms. 

A thin belt with an elevated buckle will make you want to cinch all your outfits. 

These slingbacks are the perfect height. 

This blazer is so popular it sold out in two other colors, but this subtle pink one is totally spring-worthy. 

Just a classic as a button-down, but without the extra effort of actually putting it on. 

Gorpcore is only gaining momentum, and with colorblocked nylon jackets like this, it’s easy to see why. 

Go on and twirl in this pretty skirt. You know you want to. 

A long-sleeve, cropped lace-up top is a fun transitional piece for your wardrobe. 

Wavy patterns are currently taking over. 

Like an exaggerated puffer coat, but for your feet! 

A new Bridgerton season is upon us, so might as well dress the part. 

Glove-like sleeves are a great trend for those who always have cold hands—aka me. 

If you’re a low-rise hater, avert your eyes! If not, you should definitely get into these cargo jeans. 

Colorful hoop earrings add a hit of ’90s nostaligia to any look. 

When your dress IS the view. 

Baguette bags are also in, but I vote that they should be a fashion staple at this point. 

Loving the extra-tiny side cutouts on this number. 

In case you wanted a “going-out top” moment. Presenting this bold chainmail halter top. 

Love this contrasting-collar situation. 

Long live the hair claw. This four-pack in different hues will definitely keep your hair out of your face. 

Between the square toe and the powder-blue shade, it’s hard to pick a favorite feature. 

A little nautical vibe never hurt anyone. 

The extra straps on these bottoms make them way more of a statement. 

Can never have too many bucket hats. 

Still trying to find the perfect everyday jacket? Grab this quilted one. 

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