I Cannot Stop Thinking About Euphoria, so I Ranked the 22 Best Outfits

Mondays aren’t always easy, but they’re even harder when you know you’ve survived your first Sunday without that one HBO show—I’m talking about Euphoria. Unless you’ve gone off the grid for the past eight weeks, you’ve probably, at the very least, noticed the constant discourse around this show. (It became one of the most-tweeted-about shows of the decade.) But if you have yet to watch this show, I’m here to tell you that you get the hype once you do. It’s not only got an incredible cast, including former Who What Wear cover stars Maude Apatow, Alexa Demie, Sydney Sweeney, and Barbie Ferreira, but it also explores taboo topics such as toxic masculinity and the actual impact drug abuse has on people’s lives while reflecting humanity’s full spectrum. As spectacular as the cast and the show’s premise are, they’re not the only reasons it has become a cultural phenomenon. The costumes have carried this series too.  You couldn’t scroll through TikTok over the past two years without seeing the influence of this show. You know those viral glitter-eye-shadow looks you’ve seen everywhere?Inspired by Euphoria. Before hip cutouts blew up, Maddy Perez wore them to the carnival in season one. So as an editor, it was only natural that I’d be excited about season two, and I wasn’t disappointed. Say what you want about the writing this season, but costume designer Heidi Bivens worked her magic. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the show, so I decided to rank the 22 best outfits from season two of Euphoria. Warning: Spoilers for both the script and the ensembles lie ahead for anyone who hasn’t seen this series yet.

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 1. WEAR: custom Amber Doyle suit. There are some iconic first scenes in television history, but in my mind, none are as electrifying as the beginning of season two. It opens with Rue Bennett (played by Zendaya) uttering, “Fezco’s grandma was a motherfucking G” as a woman in a cobalt-blue suit steps into the frame. In true Euphoria fashion, the episode gave us a look into how Rue’s friend and drug dealer Fezco became who he was after being raised by his grandmother, Marie O’Neill. While treating the young Fezco as an equal partner in drug dealing is very questionable behavior, Marie’s suiting game isn’t to be played with.

Cobalt will always be ~that~ color. 

You’ll feel like a G in these sunglasses

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 1. WEAR: Neil Grotzinger top; Maroske Peech geotard; Orseund Iris Gamine Skirt ($825). At the end of season one, you’re unsure of where Rue and Jules Vaughn’s relationship stands after the night at the train station. But come season two, the fans finally get what they’ve been begging for: Rue and Jules together. Of course, there will be trouble, something that’s foreshadowed in Jules’s shift to darker clothing. And while it’s disheartening to see that it takes Rue doing hard drugs and almost overdosing at the party to get her to admit to Jules she wants to be with her, for a moment, we can kind of hope things will get better for these two.

This is a seasonless staple. 

Jules would love this necklace.

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 2. WEAR: B-Low the Belt Brittany Denim Belt. Following the debauchery at the NYE party, episode two sets up the evolution of Maddy and Cassie Howard in two very different directions, which is displayed through their actions and costumes. At the beginning of the season, Maddy is still dancing around the idea of getting back together with her ex-boyfriend Nate Jacobs, but she’s also begun to build her independence through things like working as a babysitter for a wealthy couple. She, of course, does this after she’s denied the chance to donate eggs because she’s 17, but it turns out to be an excellent move for both her character arc and the costumes.

Berets are back and better than ever. 

Love a statement belt. 

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 1. After Ashtray, Fezco’s younger brother and partner, murders their drug connect Mouse, they have to find a new supplier. Enter three new characters: Laurie, Faye, and Custer. Fez goes to meet Laurie on the pretense of beginning to work with her after the death of his former supplier. Subsequently, a few terrifying scenes emerge, during which Rue is exposed to and eventually tries heroin, and she meets Laurie, which becomes problematic for her sobriety further into the season. In the chaos of this scene, it’s almost easy to forget about the introduction of Faye (played by Chloe Cherry), but she’s one to watch as the series goes on.

Faye would wear this necklace. 

This skirt is so cute. 

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 3. WEAR: Marland Backus necklace; Knwls top. Come episode three, we’re beginning to see some of the initial cracks of Rue and Jules’s relationship, which is made even more complicated by their new friendship with Elliot. Did we need to have a man come between these two? Debatable. But getting to this scene in the show, you finally get to see Jules and Elliot have an honest conversation about what’s happening between the three of them and how Jules feels different. Her Kurt Cobain–inspired haircut and darker clothing palette indicate this shift, but the rest of what’s changed has yet to be unveiled when this episode ends.

Jules always wears interesting second-skin tops, so this is the perfect piece to re-create her signature style. 

The Euphoria girlies love their combat boots. 

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 3. WEAR: Miaou Ginger Dress Azul ($195); Dior saddle bag. Episode three was basically a fashion show. Jokes aside, some of the best looks to come from the characters were found in this episode. While we were following the obsessive behavior of Cassie as she tried desperately to get Nate’s attention, I personally was living for the scene where Maddy says, “Out of sight, out of mind” while wearing a Miaou dress. I, too, could avoid my ex if I wore a fabulous look. 

You can’t be Maddy, but you can buy the same dress in a different colorway.

Maddy always has accessories on deck. 

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 2. WEAR: Miu Miu dress; Courreges Reédition Sac Camera Bag ($500). Come season two, we finally get more airtime with Lexi Howard. And although not all of the characters had the fleshed-out arcs we wanted, Lexi stepping into her own began in this episode. You not only get to see her donning this sweet Miu Miu number, but she also begins reminiscing about the night she met Fezco, then her entire life. She realizes that she’s been passive with her life and doesn’t take enough chances. So she musters up the gusto to visit Fezco at his convenience store. And frankly, if I were wearing Miu Miu, I’d feel courageous enough to pop up on my crush.

Lexi would love this dress. 

Practical yet cute.

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 2 . WEAR: 1991 Thierry Mugler Vampire Dress. Despite the fact that there’s a lot of uncertainty about where Maddy and Nate’s relationship will go as we head into episode two of the season, what’s clear is that she’s the style icon on this show through and through. She’s serving us looks in this episode, and we get to see what she loves about her babysitting gig—the closet. Maddy will play dress-up in her employer Samantha’s gowns to pass the time. And while it’s definitely not part of her job description, it gave us what we needed as viewers. I only want to see Maddy moving on from her toxic relationship in Mugler.

Channel Maddy’s confidence in this LBD.

A little sparkle never hurts.

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 3. We all were praying that Rue would finally get it together, but come episode three, it’s apparent that Sam Levinson isn’t about to let us off the hook that easy. Despite having a terrifying encounter with Fezco’s new drug supplier, Laurie, Rue decides she’s going to become a drug dealer herself in episode three. She throws on her version of a “business look” and manages to convince Laurie to give her $10,000 worth of drugs. Rue wheels the suitcase around with her for a while, giving us a terrifying and slightly comedic image of how her addiction is baggage she’s carrying with her on her bicycle, and it becomes clear that darker things lie ahead.

Rue had one thing right: You really can’t ever go wrong with a black blazer.

Rue basically lives in these shoes.

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 5. WEAR: On Alexa Demie: Isa Boulder Crochet Scan Top; Notte Love in Bloom Bloom Ring ($112). Euphoria fans knew things would get ugly, but the plot really takes a turn for the worse in episode five. After Rue finds out that Jules and Elliot have told her mother she relapsed and disposed of the suitcase of drugs, she loses it and begins panicking about the suitcase. When her mom attempts to take her to rehab, Rue jumps out of the car into heavy traffic and runs away, all while going through drug withdrawals. Rue eventually lands at the Howard household, where she’s met with an impromptu intervention that she escapes from by telling everyone that Cassie had been sleeping with Nate. Although the focus of this scene is supposed to be Rue’s spiral, you can’t help but get wrapped up in Maddy confronting Cassie in this chic crochet top. It seems that all the characters have hit their rock bottom, and somehow, they’re still serving looks.

Cassie loves her pastels. 

Yes, this is designer, but it’s very much aligned with Maddy’s aesthetic.

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 1. WEAR: StarnkZig Zag Wave Metal Hoop Hair Band ($9); Akna Damien Black Mini Dress ($185) and Damien Gloves ($45); Amina Muaddi shoes. Possibly the saddest and most beautiful part of Euphoria is the visual parallels drawn between the sets of two scenes: In episode one, Maddy bangs on the door, surprising Cassie and Nate as they’re hooking up, and she’s knocking on a locked door again in episode five to confront Cassie after finding out about the whole affair. And while it took everything in me to not scream “open the door,” this look made the betrayal a little bit more bearable.

Just add gloves and you’ve got the perfect date-night look.

Perfect for a night out.

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 3. WEAR: On Demie: BY FAR Liliana Croc Embossed Mules in Lilac ($216) and Miranda Mini Bag($308). Feel whatever you want about Euphoria’s second season, but you can’t deny the costumes. Costumes were critical in showing how Cassie’s desire to be loved and seen by Nate was beginning to chip away at her own identity. Although she was hooking up with her best friend’s ex-boyfriend, there’s still some part of me who was hoping homegirl would get it together. But when she starts waking up at 4 a.m. every day to get ready for school, you realize she’s down bad. Nothing shows the depths of Cassie’s nervous breakdown better than when she finally shows up wearing the same outfit as Maddy. Spiraling to the point of copying your best friend’s signature look? Messy.

Who doesn’t love a matching set?

Maddy loves a mini bag. 

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 4. WEAR: On Demie: Tiffany & Co. Heart Tag Pendant ($250); Marc Jacobs Devon Slip Dress; Dora Teymur shoes; On Barbie Ferreira: Auné choker, dress, and gloves; Balenciaga earrings. All the friends gathered at the Howard household to celebrate Maddy’s birthday party in episode four. It’s not only one of the last times this friend group seems amicable, but we also finally get a deeper peek into the relationship between Kat Hernandez and Maddy. Kat didn’t get nearly as much screen time as she deserved this season. Still, her conversation with the birthday girl about her relationship with Ethan and releasing expectations about what should make you happy is the friendship moment we didn’t know we needed.

Love Maddy’s birthday dress? This slip is a great alternative. 

The print on this mesh dress is euphoric.

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 3. WEAR: On Demie: Versace Cotton Gianni Signature Knit Bandeau Top; Coperni Croc Micro Baguette Swipe Bag in Black; On Ferreira: Maisie Wilen top; Marques’Almeida bag; On Sydney Sweeney: custom Seth Pratt dress; For Love & Lemons Luella Bustier; Whistles Dahlia Lace-Up Leather Boots . What makes Euphoria iconic is the one-line zingers that lend themselves to becoming memes, like the bathroom scene in episode three. Cassie is in full mental anguish over her relationship with Nate and shows up to school in what could be considered a “country music star” outfit on the day of the school’s play auditions for Oklahoma. When she runs into Maddy, Kat, Rue, and Lexi in the bathroom, the conversation prompts Maddy’s iconic one-liner, “Bitch, you better be joking,” which is how we all felt at this point while watching Cassie debase herself just for a double take from Nate.

This is the same top Kat is wearing, just in a different colorway. 

Maddy would wear these, without a doubt.

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 3. WEAR: Miu Miu top. After she finds the courage to visit Fezco in episode two and watches his awkward run-in with Cal Jacobs, Lexi realizes that she doesn’t intervene in situations because she’s an observer. Hence, she decides to begin writing a play about her entire life and everything she’s ever witnessed. These ruminations from the teenager cement the iconic season finale into what it is and give way to her finding her voice and stepping into her spotlight.

Peak Lexi vibes. 

Lexi loves a red lip.

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 4. WEAR: Frankies Bikinis Gemma Wrap One-Piece Swimsuit ($180) . If crying/screaming/throwing up were embodied into one visual, it would be Cassie at Maddy’s birthday party in episode four of Euphoria. After watching Cassie entirely spiral in the last episode, you don’t think she can get any lower—until this scene. Upon hearing Nate would be crashing Maddy’s birthday party, Cassie gets drunk, throws on this iconic one-piece, and jumps into the hot tub with the group. It seems like maybe everyone will make it out alive until Maddy gets in a fight with Nate about them getting back together, which prompts Cassie to vomit into the hot tub. I’m revolting if Sweeney doesn’t get an Emmy for this scene.

Mental breakdown aside, this suit is so good. 

This will add the perfect sparkle to your look. 

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 8. Until episode eight, I wasn’t entirely sure of how to feel about Faye’s character. She, after all, only really delivered a few funny one-liners and had introduced Rue to heroin, so it wasn’t looking too great for her character arc. But during the finale, as her boyfriend, Custer, is working with the cops to get Fezco and Ashtray arrested, she makes the strategic move to drop a glass and let Fezco know not to talk because he’s being recorded. Of course, we know it still ends badly for everyone involved, but this one moment gave me a glimmer of hope that this character is evolving too.

This tank is pure Euphoria energy. 

These are so cozy. 

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 7 . WEAR: On Demie: Jacquemus La Chemise Laurier Cropped Cotton-Poplin Top; Balenciaga Stretch Knit Sandals ($750); On Sweeney: MSGM bralette; Steve Madden Twice Pink Patent ($110); Balenciaga Hourglass XS Crocodile-Embossed Top-Handle Bag ($2490); On Ferreira: Emblm jewelry; Jean Paul Gaultier dress; Telfar Small Shopping Tote ($150). Outfits throughout the series play a pivotal role in supporting what’s happening in the plot, and these outfits from Maddy, Kat, and Cassie in episode seven are no exception. After Nate threatens Maddy at gunpoint to get the tape of Jules and Cal, he finally calls Cassie and has her move in. The result is a terrifying co-dependent relationship, where Cassie lets him choose what she wears, which is a hybrid of Maddy’s and Jules’s styles. At this point, we know Cassie is far gone; the straight hair and bubblegum-pink miniskirt don’t lie.

Miniskirts are perfect for spring. 

These can be worn outside of Euphoria high school’s hallways. 

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 7. WEAR: On Demi: Jacquemus Le Body Yeru Bodysuit and Le Chiquito Bag; the M Jewelers jewelry. We get to the second-to-last episode, and we’ve been building toward this moment: the opening night of Lexi’s play. Everyone has assembled, donning some looks to watch the show. But they do not know that the show is about them until it begins. Some of the season’s most hilarious and humanizing moments happen on that stage. But the best part is watching how each character perceives the play—from Rue smiling the entire time to Maddy and Kat cheering the play on to Nate and Cassie fuming about it. It’s truly the pipping-hot mess of drama that any great playwright can invoke. And frankly, the only other question we should be asking ourselves about this play is if Lexi will get a Tony Award.

It’s not the same color, but this romper is Maddy approved.

Kat donned a number of cute tops in the series, including this one. 

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 8. WEAR: On Sweeney: Tiffany & Co. Heart Tag Pendant ($250); Danielle Guizo Scoop Neck Knit Top ($248) and Knit Dual-Color Miniskirt ($160) . Until the finale, we see Cassie constantly trying to uphold an image that she’s innocent in everything that’s happened throughout the season. But after Nate breaks up with her over Lexi’s play, she cracks and goes on-stage. Frankly, the best villains have the best ’fits (see her Danielle Guizo set), but they also have the best ulterior motives. Cassie doesn’t care if she’s being labeled as the villain, if she hurts her friends and family, or even if she gets smacked up by Maddy (which she does). She only cares about being loved by Nate. And if that’s not dark, then I don’t know what is.

Cassie may be a mess, but this set is anything but that.

Stepping on-stage looks better in these shoes.

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 1. WEAR: On Apatow: Batsheva Dirndl Puff-Sleeve Blouse and Ruffle Hem Crop Pants; The M Jewelers Puff Heart Locket ($165). I was slightly annoyed by the finale only because I had many unanswered questions. Will Rue stay sober, and how will she pay back Laurie? Where is Maddy going? What is happening with Kat? And most importantly, will Lexi and Fezco make it through this? Does Fezco survive his gunshot wounds? Does Lexi ever get his note? Will they live happily ever after on a farm? Despite all the ups and downs since episode one, the only anchor has been Fexi. I’ve been rooting for these two to make it and can’t help but to hold their first cute back-and-forth exchange close to my chest, as them meeting romantically was the best part of the season, hands down.

This was made for a first date.

Euphoria vibes on deck. 

WHAT: Season 2, Episode 8. WEAR: Converse shoes. Finally, we get to the best look of all: Rue sober and smiling. Yes, it’s not a full Mulger look, but after the frightening evolution of Rue’s character this past season, this final moment is so special. Watching how moved Rue is by how Lexi’s channeled her trauma into the play to create something gives us hope that maybe Rue can aspire to do the same with her own life. Everything about this scene (from the costume to Zendaya’s wonderful acting) makes it feel like the first big stride in her sobriety journey a long time, one that we hope lasts into the next season. Until then, I’ll be framing this outfit as the best outfit from Euphoria’s second season.

Rue would approve. 

Is it just me, or can you see Rue wearing these too?

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