I Basically Only Wear Relaxed Jeans Now—5 Simple Items I Wear With Them

Skinny jeans used to be my denim cut du jour. While I still consider the silhouette to be a classic choice, I don’t wear them as much and favor more relaxed styles now. In fact, I feel like my go-to jeans have been getting baggier and baggier over the last few seasons. And that brings me to why I’m here today. I thought I’d highlight a few of the pieces I wear with said coveted denim styles to bring you some styling and shopping inspiration. 

Given that simplicity is often the name of my fashion game, I primarily reach for easy items and elevated basics when styling my baggy jeans. The denim style is forward on its own, so opting for simple items (that have modern design details) is really all it takes to create effortless and of-the-moment looks.

Keep scrolling to check out the items, showcased on me as well as various fashion follows I routinely turn to for inspiration. 

A striped top—whether in the form of a blouse, tee, or sweater—is a classic piece that looks modern with baggy jeans.

I love a leather jacket moment, especially the oversize styles (like the one showcased here). Sure, a leather piece is more statement-making, but it’s simple in that you can toss it over anything for a cool look.

This is me in one of my uniforms: a relaxed white shirt teamed with relaxed jeans (love the two together). The sweater around the shoulders brings an extra dimension to the look.

You just can’t go wrong with this outfit formula—a crew-neck sweater and jeans. No-fail.

For an elevated yet low-key vibe, I also often toss on a maxi coat (a looser cut is super comfy) with jeans and sneakers.

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