I Basically Buy All My Makeup From This Viral Brand—Now I’m Reaping the Rewards

When I become fixated on a beauty brand, there’s no turning back. I follow its every move on social media, subscribe to emails, and test every product launch. I’ve been focusing on Charlotte Tilbury for months now, adding products to my collection and contributing to the hype IRL and online. And now, I’m being rewarded for my dedication with the brand’s new loyalty program. Loyalty members can unlock major benefits including but not limited to free gifts and virtual consultations, access to exclusive masterclasses, and more. All you have to do is create an account and shop to unlock different loyalty levels. I don’t know about you, but getting rewarded for my shopping habits with amazing products and insider gifts from one of my favorite brands is a major win. To help you get a head start on the program, I mapped out how you can take it to the next level (literally) with product recommendations below.

If you spend $150 within 12 months (which I’ve done with ease), you earn three free gifts, free engraving on all your gifts, and access to Charlotte Tilbury’s members-only shop. Here are some of my favorite products to get you started:

My New Year’s resolution is to perfect my makeup skills. If I spend $400 or more within a year, I’ll get access to exclusive masterclasses, free 1-2-1 virtual consultations, and an additional free gift. Follow my lead if you’re also looking to step up your makeup game. Here are my favorite products:

Everything on the site is tempting even without the perks, but if you spend $700 within a year, you get free express shipping on all your orders (on top of everything you get after unlocking levels one and two). Here are my favorite products:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted my own personal beauty expert. When you spend $2000 within 12 months, you’ll earn a dedicated pro artist trained by Charlotte Tilbury herself. (In addition, your free gifts get refreshed!) Here are my favorite products:

Welcome to the highest level! Spend $7000 within a year and gain access to exclusive gifts that are tailored specifically to you. Want to open the vault? There are plenty of must-have beauty and skincare products to help you get there. Here are my favorites: