I Asked My Fashion Crew About the Fall Trends That Matter Most, and These 6 Won

My Fashion Crew showcases a group of inspiring tastemakers along with the trends and shopping lists that guide their personal wardrobes.

The team here at Who What Wear has been covering the latest in fall fashion to help inspire those forthcoming autumn purchases. We’ve highlighted everything from the key takeaways from the fall/winter collections to the shopping picks our editors are already eyeing. Well, I thought I’d gain further insight into some of the fall trends those in my fashion crew are gravitating toward and can’t wait to wear. After all, gaining sartorial insight from various perspectives is always intriguing.

Below, you’ll discover various mood boards from some of my favorite fashion follows, complete with details on the trend each is most excited about for fall. Hint: Vibrant colors and statement pieces are definitely reigning supreme. If one of the trends speaks to you as well, there’s a range of shopping recommendations.

“The one fashion trend I’m excited to wear for fall is the color lilac. It’s one of my favorite colors, and I love the juxtaposition of the spring color with a warmer wardrobe. Lilac sweaters, turtlenecks, and even leather pants are things I can’t wait to wear.”

“I will love to give sweatsuits paired with dad blazers a shot. I think there’s a sense of comfort behind that look that’s piquing my interest.”

“For the new season, I’m excited to reference the ’80s but keep it classic. My dream outfit would be a cropped Chanel bouclé jacket, vintage 501s, and ballet flats.”

“A matching set (like this) is key and can be worn easily in summer or fall with a timeless trench coat.”

“Coats have always been my kryptonite whenever it comes to fall fashion, and the runways this year have been filled with gorgeous statement coats that I am looking forward to adding to my collection. I’ve also noticed plenty of puffy options, which is fantastic when you live in Canada as I do.”

“I’m honestly so excited for clogs. We saw them a lot this summer, but I’m predicting they’re going to trickle even further to fall, especially the suede and fur-lined pairs. They’re controversial, but I think they add such a fun element to any outfit.”

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