I Always Find What I’m Looking for At H&M—These New Winter Items Are Quite Chic

Now that winter weather is officially here, it’s high time that we started talking about a few winter fashion essentialsThese are the kinds of pieces that you rely on day in and day out when you either don’t know what to wear or don’t want to spend too much time putting together an outfit in the morning. And when you’re re-doing your wardrobe, you’re not going to want to do it with a bunch of pieces that are going to cost you a ton of money—especially during the gift shopping season.

Enter H&M, the retailer known for its selection of affordable and stylish pieces. I basically always find what I’m looking for at the store. And because the brand has so many new pieces in stock right now, I’ve rounded up 29 of the best winter shopping essentials from H&M that you simply need to see before they sell out. Keep scrolling to see all of the cutest picks, from glittery jumpsuits to a few trendy cutout trousers.

How pretty are these buttons? 

Leather pants are a staple in my winter wardrobe this season. 

The perfect throw-on dress

I’ll take knit pants over jeans any day. 

Long puffers equal added warmth. 

The sweater-vest trend lives on. 

This season’s cold-weather staple? A massively puffy vest. 

The teddy hoodie is this season’s version of the teddy coat. 

I love this trippy pattern. 

Found: A low-key holiday party dress

How great is this mustard-colored top? 

So fuzzy! 

These sparkly details are so dainty. 

Found: Your New Year’s Eve outfit


Living in this for the rest of the season. 

Obsessed with these unexpected cutouts. 

Yup, obsessed. 


Nice tie detail.

This is the key to lazy day office dressing. 

I live in jumpsuits in the winter. 

I love any top that features a cutout. 

I’m never not wearing faux-leather leggings

How fun is this New Year’s Eve-ready skirt?  

The ultra-cropped sweater trend lives on. 

So cool.

The ultimate wardrobe staple. 

Here for an all-white outfit moment this season. 

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