How to Make Leggings and Sneakers Look Polished: A Masterclass by Margot Robbie

Usually when we talk about Margot Robbie’s style, it’s in the context of one of her epic red carpet ensembles or a look she styled specifically for an event. But just because we haven’t hammered on about Robbie’s off-duty style up until now doesn’t mean it’s not worth mentioning. Her everday looks have been inspiring us more than ever lately, so we thought it was finally time to discuss the expertise she’s been doling out. Welcome to Margot Robbie’s masterclass on wearing leggings and sneakers and looking polished while doing so.

While stepping out in NYC, she wore plain black leggings with simple white sneakers in the chicest way, and it all came down to one item: the plaid-and-leopard-print coat that she threw on top. We’ve noted before how a really great coat is the golden ticket that makes wearing leggings look far chicer. It’s a trick that other celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley use on repeat, so now that we’re ushering in colder weather, it feels like the perfect time to revisit this valuable outfit trick. 

Once we started researching more of Robbie’s off-duty style, we saw a clear pattern. Each time she leaves the house in leggings or sweats, it’s never without a structured coat to top it off. Whether arriving at the airport, heading to the gym, or simply running errands, Robbie’s outfit tip is one worth committing to memory. Ahead, scroll down to see how she executes the look, and then shop pieces to re-create it for yourself.

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