How Do You Feel About Rory's Boyfriends After The “Gilmore Girls” Revival?

3. Dean Forester is married to a woman named Jenny, has three kids, another baby on the way, and lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

4. Jess Mariano is still working at his book press (and has apparently been hitting the gym pretty hard).

5. And Logan Huntzberger is working and living in London. He’s engaged to a woman named Odette, who lives in Paris.

6. (Oh yeah, and he’s also having an affair with none other than the Rory Gilmore.)

7. Plus, there’s a new man in Rory’s life — Paul, the boyfriend of two years who she sadly always forgets exists.

8. Gilmore Girls fans have always taken their affinity for Rory’s boyfriends very seriously, proudly declaring themselves Team Dean, Jess, or Logan.

9. Obviously, we’re all Team Rory and want what’s best for her, first and foremost.

10. But now, thanks, to the revival, we also have some brand-new information to shape how we think about each of these men.

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