“House Of Cards” Released Its Season Five Trailer And TBH George Washington Is Shook

1. Rejoice, Netflix and chillers, our favorite politically-charged thriller House of Cards officially has a Season 5 trailer.

2. The preview for what promises to be an intense season opens with shots of our favorite political “villains,” Frank and Claire, as the incumbent President Underwood whispers in his signature, sinister drawl “The American people don’t know what’s best for them. I do. I know exactly what they need.”

3. The rest of the trailer, and the most suspenseful one minute and 37 seconds of my day thus far, is packed with everything we’ve come to expect and love from HoC: political scandal, dramatic campaigning, violence, protests, sex, and aggression.

6. All of which brings us to the preview’s end where Frank stands with Vice Presidential nominee, Claire, in the Oval Office as he delivers the most bone-chilling final lines of any trailer in the history of television, “One nation, Underwood.

7. And then I stared at my computer screen with goosebumps and my jaw dropped for a while as I considered all of the darkly chaotic excitement and stress we are about to get from Season 5.

Yup, democracy is shook, politics is canceled, hunt or be hunted, see you on May 30.

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