H&M’s New Collection Is Just How I Like It—Cozy, Chic, and Affordable

Bring on the sweater weather.

I started plotting my cold-weather wardrobe while it was still 90 degrees outside, and I’m so excited to finally be able to wear some of the pieces I’ve been eyeing (without having to blast the A/C in my apartment, that is). I’m keeping it simple this year: My shopping list includes lots of cozy knits and a few great bottoms to wear with them. It’s no surprise the first place I’m shopping is H&M because I always find the best on-trend items that are also—you guessed it—affordable. Their latest collection is absolutely no exception: It’s got all of the cozy and chic items I could ever want to wear when it’s cold out. I want every single piece, but I’ve narrowed it down to these 14 that happen to be under $50 (for now at least). It’s called self-control, people.

I plan to wear this mock-neck sweater at least once a week until spring.

Trust me when I say that faux-leather leggings will upgrade your outfits this season. They look so cool worn with an oversize sweater (like the above) that you’ll almost forget to care about how comfy they are, too.

It’s the embellished buttons for me.

The perfect pair of rigid denim to wear with every single top you see in this story.

It’s a sweater! It’s a polo shirt! No, it’s both!

Because I’m guessing your wardrobe needs a pop of color right about now. (I know mine does.)

That being said, a head-to-toe neutrals look? Still so chic during the colder months. Just rely on these jeans, instead of your usual blue denim

You can never go wrong with a puffy-sleeve top. Never!

Just wait until you see the back of this ribbed-knit sweater.

I always buy a great new pair of black skinny jeans this time of year because I know I’ll wear them just about every other day.

Try an oversize cardigan for that borrowed-from-the-boys look.

This floral blouse is just about the dressiest thing I plan to wear this season.

Loose trousers are surprisingly comfy and look very model-off-duty when worn with low sneakers.

The stitching on this sweater makes it look so expensive.