Here's What The Cast Of “What A Girl Wants” Looks Like Now

1. Amanda Bynes as Daphne Reynolds.

Warner Bros

Amanda’s personal life and career have been a bit shakey, but now she’s enrolled in the Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising (aka FIDM) and LOVING IT. We’re rooting for you Amanda!

2. Oliver James as Ian Wallace.

Warner Bros

Oliver James is still very much the heartthrob we all remember, though he hasn’t acted much since What A Girl Wants, appearing in just a handful of titles. Tbh, I couldn’t really find what he was up to as of late, but you can follow him on Twitter where he is v passionate about climate change and current political events!

3. Christina Cole as the formidable Clarissa Payne.

Warner Bros

She’s still acting and has racked up over 43 movie and TV show credits on her IMDB page since What A Girl Wants. Her most recent acting job is from The Blacklist, pictured on the right, in 2015.

4. Anna Chancellor as Glynnis Payne.

Warner Bros

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

Anna’s been busy since What A Girl Wants debuted in 2003. She’s made appearances in over 51 TV shows and movies, including The Walking Dead, Penny Dreadful, and Downton Abbey.

5. Colin Firth as Henry Dashwood.

Warner Bros

Pascal Le Segretain / Via Getty Images

Colin’s been making people weak in the knees for decades with his floppy hair and endearing Britishness. He’s had numerous hit movies including the Bridget Jones series, Nanny McPhee, Kingsmen: The Secret Service, and The Kings Speech, for which he won best actor!

6. Kelly Preston as Libby Reynolds

Warner Bros

Frederick M. Brown / Via Getty Images

Kelly’s been acting here and there since 2003, though you might recognize her now from her Neutrogena commercials. She’s now mostly spending her time with her family with fellow actor, John Travolta.

7. Eileen Atkins as Jocelyn Dashwood.

Warner Bros

John Phillips / Via Getty Images

Eileen is the Energizer bunny of acting, and she’s had a pretty glorious career. Her most recent success as Queen Mary in Netflix’s The Crown, has her right where she belongs on the throne.

8. Jonathan Pryce as Alistair Payne.

Warner Bros

From Alistair Payne to the High Sparrow in Game of Thrones, Jonathan Pryce was made to play scheming, uppity old crags. JK… sort of. Anyways, you’ll also recognize Jonathan from the Pirates of the Carribean franchise and a gazillion other things.

9. Roger Ashton-Griffiths as Lord Orwood.

Warner Bros

Another Game of Thrones-er from What A Girl Wants! Roger Ashton-Griffiths played Mace Tyrell, Queen Margaery Tyrell’s father. He’s in a ton of British TV shows and movies, but you’ll also recognize him as the Doctor from The Lobster, from The Tudors, or as the Mayor from The Brothers Grimm!

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