Here's What You Need To Remember Before “Game Of Thrones” Season 8

When Jon left Winterfell early on in Season 7, it was to try to form an alliance with Daenerys and access her dragonglass on Dragonstone.

Well, he got her dragonglass alright. He also bent the knee, resigning his title of King in the North and the North’s independence along with it. He’s now Warden of the North – and completely in love with Dany.

Dany, for her part, also seems to love Jon. She’s seen the Night King and even lost a dragon to him, so she’s put her quest for the Iron Throne on hold in order to help Jon deal with the undead.

The two of them officially consummated their alliance with boatsex on the way to Winterfell, and from the promo images released for Season 8 it seems they continue to be loved up. But there are a few complications on the horizon…