Here's Everything That Happened In Season 2 Of “On My Block”

Notable mentions:

— Ruby’s older brother, Mario, returns home from college with a pregnant girlfriend. She lives with their family for a couple of months, but no one likes her. When she gives birth, it’s discovered that Mario isn’t the father of the baby after all, and the two go their separate ways.

—After visiting a healer, Abuela becomes convinced that the money is cursed. Jamal almost burns the money as a result.

—We get a sneak peek into Jasmine’s home life and learn that she looks after her father, who is a catatonic war veteran suffering from PTSD.

—Jasmine and Ruby bond after she comforts him about Olivia. They enter and win the dance competition together, and she starts sitting with their friend group everyday at lunch. Jasmine even helps them with their plan to clean the RollerWorld money.