Here's Every Time “The Haunting Of Hill House” Foreshadowed What's Inside The Red Room

👻 I shouldn’t have to say this, but what you’re about to read is full of The Haunting of Hill House spoilers…SO ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK! 👻

OK, so one of the biggest twists of the show came when we all found out that Nell was The Bent-Neck Lady and that she was haunting herself the whole time…

…but the second biggest — and most drawn-out — twist had to be what’s inside the Red Room.

In the finale, we basically find out that the Red Room is the “stomach” of Hill House, where the house can “digest” all of the Crain family members. Whether it disguises itself as a game room or the dance room, it becomes what ever the Crains need it to be so they can sit in blissful ignorance while the house “eats” them.

But, the thing is, the show was dropping hints left and right about the Red Room THE WHOLE TIME. Here all the times the ~secrets~ of the Red Room were foreshadowed:


In Episode 1, when Steve said Luke was probably in his tree house, and Olivia thought he was joking.



And, more blatantly, in Episode 8, when Hugh told Steve that Luke’s treehouse didn’t exist.



In Episode 3, when Theo was inside the dance studio and saw that someone was trying to get into the room via the door. (As we found out, it was actually Shirley and Nell in Episode 1 who were trying to get in.)



In Episode 5, when Nell found a tea set in the toy room and Mrs. Dudley didn’t know what she was talking about.



In Episode 8, when Steve told Mrs. Dudley that he found the boudoir table in the game room and she said, “The what room?”



And finally, in Episode 9, when Olivia said she’d be in her reading room and Luke said, “We have a reading room?”


Did I miss any big ones? Let me know in the comments because I really want to know what’s up with Shirley and her mysterious family room where she mourned the kittens.