Here's All The Bars “Dating Around” Filmed At In Brooklyn, So You Can Enjoy Them Too

Seriously, the reviews are plentiful! Autumn S.’s review of their pancakes makes my mouth water while reading it:

“When the food came my mouth nearly hit the table, my eyes locked onto my friend’s pancakes – the fluff on that thing instantly made me regret my order. Her pancakes looked so good, nicely browned, fluffy with fruit on top. My French Toast looked amazing too but I have never saw pancakes this thick in my life. She offered me a piece and I could not resist and let me tell you, I was about to order pancakes to go for myself but I stopped myself from being greedy. The pancakes really do taste amazing, so far they are the best I have ever had. The French Toast too tasted wonderful, it was two soft but crispy challah breads with fruit on top and side of syrup.”