Here's A Brief Rundown On “The Bold Type” Season 3 Premiere And Everything That Went Down

But before we jump into that, let’s remember what Kat, Sutton, and Jane were up to during the Season 2 finale.

Kat: After overcoming a few obstacles in their relationship, Kat and Adena made their way to Paris together. Unfortunately, the happy ending didn’t last too long, because Kat later discovers Adena hasn’t created any work since she’d been with her in New York. HOWEVER, Adena did produce work when she was away from Kat. That, of course, made Kat feel like she was getting in the way of her productivity, which eventually led to them having a big fight.

Sutton: After realizing they only want to be with each other, Sutton and Richard get back together. The two decide to go public with their relationship at a huge Scarlet event, letting the entire office know they’re a couple.

Jane: After discovering she is a carrier of the BRCA gene mutation (a genetic disposition to breast cancer and ovarian cancer), Jane decides she wants to freeze her eggs. She was also caught up in a love triangle, Ben and Ryan (aka Pinstripe). They were both great catches in two totally different ways. Jane knew she’d eventually have to make a decision soon.

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