Here Are The 17 Biggest TV Moments From This Week

🚨Warning: Spoilers ahead!🚨


First, in Grey’s Anatomy, Schmitt and Nico finally got together after Schmitt poured his heart out.


Also in Grey’s Anatomy, DeLuca professed his love for Meredith and in typical Grey’s fashion they then got stuck in an elevator together.


In How to Get Away With Murder, we finally learned Gabriel’s real identity — he’s actually Sam’s son from his first marriage. You know, the marriage Annalise broke up years ago.


And in How to Get Away With Murder, Bonnie’s boyfriend and D.A. Ronald Miller was revealed to be the dead body — we also learned that Nate was the one who killed him.


Can’t Bonnie be happy for TWO SECONDS?!


American Horror Story: Apocalypse came to an end this week and man, it was amazing. First, Angela Bassett returned as the fierce Marie Laveau and reclaimed her place as the voodoo queen.


Also, in a scene a season in the making, Cordelia faced off against Michael Langdon and ended up sacrificing herself so Mallory could rise as the new supreme.


And finally, AHS: Apocalypse brought back Jessica Lange one more time when Mallory traveled back in time to vanquish Michael once and for all.


The Walking Dead aired its first episode without Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan this week. The series jumped ahead six years and the characters’ new looks are insane.


While there were a few surprises in The Walking Dead this week, the biggest one came at the end of the episode when it was revealed that Michonne and Rick have a son.


In Riverdale, Veronica and Betty mounted a rescue mission to break Archie out of juvie — TBH, this scene between Archie and Betty was ADORABLE.


In The Good Place, Janet kicked some serious ass when Sean and his demons arrived on Earth to sabotage Team Cockroach.

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Also, Eleanor told Chidi about the reboot where they fell in love AND she said she’s currently falling for him too.


In Outlander, Jamie and Claire arrived in River Run and faced one of their greatest challenges yet when Aunt Jocasta’s views on slavery drove a wedge between them.


This Is Us showed us Jack and Rebecca’s relationship in the early stages and we finally saw Jack break down over his time in Vietnam.


Making Milo Ventimiglia cry should be a CRIME.


Black-ish celebrated its 100th episode with an epic tribute to Prince.


Doctor Who delivered another emotional episode when Team TARDIS time traveled to the past in order to learn more about Yaz’s grandmother and a family watch.

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And finally, Season 1 of You ended with the biggest twist this TV season, when Joe ended up murdering Beck after she attempted to escape.

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