Here Are The 14 Things That Every Muggle Should Know Before Seeing “The Crimes Of Grindelwald”


The movie’s timeline takes place about one year after the events of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

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In 1927, to be exact.


Unlike Fantastic Beasts, though, most of this sequel is set in Europe.

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And it portrays what the magical world is like in France.

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As its title implies, this movie’s plot revolves around Grindelwald, who, as we found out in Fantastic Beasts, is one of the most dangerous wizards in history.

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In the books, we know Grindelwald as the onetime owner of the all-powerful Elder Wand and a former close friend of Albus Dumbledore.

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And even though we basically have a whole new cast of new characters, there will still be plenty of references to the Harry Potter books.

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Among the characters you’ll **sort of** recognize: Dumbledore, except he’s a young professor and like…really dapper.

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We also finally uncover the backstory of Nagini, who we only knew before as Lord Voldemort’s snake.

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Turns out she’s a lady???


We also get a lot of fun backstories on powerful wizarding families, including the Lestranges, the Dumbledores, and Scamanders.

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But, since this **is** a Fantastic Beasts sequel, there are still tons of the same magical animals we saw in the first movie…

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And the expected amount of amazing special effects, given that this **is** the Harry Potter franchise we’re talking about, after all.

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You should also know, of course, that the casting of Johnny Depp as Grindelwald has always been a pretty big controversy.

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The actor has been accused of physical and emotional abuse, and he has denied the allegations. J. K. Rowling and director David Yates have since issued a statement in support of Depp’s casting.


If you can’t get enough of the wizarding world this round, don’t worry — Fantastic Beasts 3 is already planned for 2020.

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And in total, there will be five films in the Fantastic Beasts franchise…

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Which means the magic basically never has to end!!

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This post was translated from Spanish.