Here Are 29 Movie Trailers That Really Sold Their Movies

The Man of Steel teaser trailer. Superman is one of my favorite superheroes (I love the genuine good guys who espouse hope and justice and I don’t find them boring at all) and I had a lot riding on this movie. When I saw this teaser trailer, I had chills. From The Lord of the Rings music (seriously, look it up), to Russell Crowe’s beautiful narration, I felt the warmth and hope I want from all my Superman movies. Plus, what Jor-El says in the teaser is an altered version of my favorite quote about Superman from my favorite Superman comic, Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman. And realizing that, I was completely in love and so on board. And then… the movie was not only a disappointment, it went completely against everything this trailer presented and all I believe Superman to be. It was pretty crushing, I have to admit.