Here Are 18 Different “Game Of Thrones” Endings Fans Came Up With

“Basically the gists of what I was hoping would go down is:

1. Jaime kills Cersei (thus fulfilling Maggy’s prophecy).

2. Arya kills Dany (thus fulfilling Melisandre’s prophecy and completing her ‘no one’ arc).

3. Jon is nominated as King of Westeros (whether he rejects it or not is up to him, but damn his name should really be among the nominees, not because he’s a Targaryen, but because of his credibility).

4. Sansa remains Queen of the independent North.

5. If Arya exploring west has to remain the same, then I hope this happens: Gendry eventually realized that he’s not really feeling the ‘Lord’ title anyway and suddenly shows up at the harbor and tells Arya he wants to join her.

6. The people in the court council remain the same.

7. Flash forward to coronation day like in the finale, with Jon Snow visiting Castle Black (now no longer a place for the banished, but a middle meeting point for Westerosi and Freefolk to discuss matters when needed) to say hi to old friend Tormund and to pet Ghost.”