Harry Styles Talks Debut Single, Upcoming 'SNL' Performance

Harry Styles has been working on his solo album, and he gave fans a taste of it on Friday by dropping his debut solo single – “Sign of the Times.”

The British singer spoke with Elvis Duran for “Elvis Duran and The Morning Show” on Friday, telling the radio host about what went into crafting the just-released tune.

“I never wanted it to sound like anyone else. I didn’t want to feel like I was redoing something. But at the same time I think it’s impossible to not be influenced by stuff that you grew up listening to,” Harry told Elvis. “I mean, all I know really is that I wanted to write — through the whole album — I wanted it to be really honest. I didn’t want to hide and I just wanted to write what I wanted to listen to.”

Harry is heading to “Saturday Night Live” next week, alongside host Jimmy Fallon. The show will air live across the U.S. (airing earlier in Mountain and Pacific time zones).

When asked if he’ll be getting in on the sketch fun, Harry said he didn’t know just yet.

“I don’t know actually! I have no idea… I’ll try! I don’t know if a lot of my jokes, usually they don’t land so well so we’ll see how it goes,” he said.

But, Harry told Elvis he is looking forward to hitting the stage with the band he has been working with.

“I’m really excited about them. They’re amazing musicians, they’re amazing people,” Harry said. “I’ve grown really close with them and I love getting to play with them every day. Two of the guys that are in the band I actually wrote the album with so that’s been really fun kind of working everything out with the guys I wrote it with. It’s been really amazing. My favorite part of everything is performing and I’m very excited to get back on stage for sure.”

Head over to the “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show” website to hear the entire interview with Harry. 

Jolie Lash