Hailey Bieber Just Wore the “Midtown Uniform,” But Made It Fashion

From Instagram to runways, I find inspiration for stories in a lot of different places, but it’s safe to say I’ve never gotten an idea from finance bros. But when I say Hailey Bieber wearing a puffer vest and trousers, it reminded me of the viral Instagram account @midtownuniform, which chronicles the men of Midtown Manhattan all dressing in eerily similar outfits made up of those two staples. 

Naturally, Bieber didn’t exactly look like she was meeting her hedge fund manager at Morgan Stanley—she made a puffer vest and trousers look 100 times cooler in a few different ways. First, she color-coordinated her vest, bag, and sneakers, which shows an admirable amount of dedication. Plus, she went with on-trend baggy leather trousers instead of regular ol’ work pants, as well as a roomy sweatshirt underneath the vest. In other words, she wore the Midtown Uniform but made it fashion. Scroll down to see how she styled the combination and shop similar pieces. 

On Hailey Bieber: Bottega Veneta vest and bag; Nike sneakers; Loewe leather trousers

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