Gucci mane Allegedly Once Stole $5,000 From French Montana

According to Deb Antney, rapper Gucci Mane, who she used to manage, once robbed French Montana of $5,000 because he did not like him.

“Gucci didn’t like French,” Deb told NORE, “Because the first time he went in the studio to do a song with him, he paid Gucci $5,000 to get on a feature. And he was just sitting in the studio, but Gucci was gone out the back door. Gucci took the money and left.”

She continued: “Then, he called me and French was like, ‘Yo, Gucci left,’ and I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ And I called him and I said, ‘Gucc, where the hell you at? Why you take that boy got damn money?’ And then he was like, ‘Man, f*ck that p*ssy ass n*gga, he wasn’t doing nothing.’ I said, ‘Gucc, you can’t do no sh*t like that.’ So, then French called me, he was like, “Yo aunty, that’s all the money I had. I didn’t have no more money.'”


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